Trending Baby Names in 2022

We have 53230 Trending Baby Names in 2022 in our list.

Zita Small girl ,  Theresa ,  Harvest ,  Seeker ,  Virgin ,  Patron of housewives and servants ,  Flower name ,  Little hope ,  Little rose ,  Girl or maiden
Duka All ,  Free detailed and determined person
Juni Juni is a scandinavian name meaning young
Amma Mother ,  Godlike
Izet Greatness glory
Rob Bright with fame ,  Form of robert ,  Shining ,  Famous ruler ,  Germanic bright famous one ,  Famously famous ,  A variant of robert
Dalr From the valley
Dayim Everlasting ,  Perpetual ,  The everlasting and mesmerising being
Dunn One who has dark complexion
Diss One who is spirited
Asvin A hindu month ,  Derived from sanskrit word ashvin means cavalier ,  Possessor of horses ,  First star in sky ,  Light
Aika Love song
Ira Alert ,  Watchful ,  Wind ,  Descendants ,  Vigilant ,  Earth ,  Saraswati ,  Watchful one
Jie Clean ,  Chinesee one who is pure ,  Chaste
Sila United again ,  Achievement ,  Home sick ,  Old ,  A girl who is full of strenght and power
Keisha Cassia tree ,  Woman ,  Alive and well ,  Her life ,  Great joy ,  Cassia ,  Favourite ,  Keisha name means she is a favorite
Moazzam Elderly ,  The glorious a good ,  Respectable ,  The most beautiful aroma that is full of wonders
Abi My fathers delight ,  (hebrew) father ,  (turkish) elder brother ,  French (priest) ,  My father ,  All ,  (hebrew) father (turkish) elder brother french (priest)
Sol The sun ,  One who brings peace
Aart As powerful as an eagle ,  Celtic stone ,  Bear ,  German thor ,  The eagle ,  A variant form of arthur
Anthonia Priceless ,  Invaluable ,  Praiseworthy ,  Inestimable ,  A variant form of name antonia
Robb Germanic bright famous one ,  Famously famous ,  A variant of robert
Rita Pearl ,  Child of light ,  Variant of margaret ,  Brave ,  Honest ,  Way of life ,  Old greek pearl ,  A variant of name margaret
Syon Good luck ,  Gentle
Yin In the shade
Abdu Worshiper of god (swahili origin ) ,  Worshipper of god
Naeem Comfort ,  Ease ,  Tranquil ,  Benevolent ,  Blessing ,  The person who is cheerfulness and well being
Alby White one ,  White
Mia Rebellious woman ,  The person who is dearly to everyone
Aiel Darwish adjectives
Sophia Woman of wisdom ,  Wisdom ,  Form of sophie ,  Skill ,  Graceful ,  She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom
My Rebellious woman
Sara Pure ,  Happy ,  The whole world ,  Lake ,  Princess
Cache A place where things are stored
Talia Gods dew ,  Fortunate ,  Dew from heaven
Dot They are loving and stable people ,  Gods gift
Bate Norman diminutive of bartholomew it means son of talmai
Xing Successful ,  Thriving
Aria Air ,  Aryan ,  Gentle music ,  Brings rain ,  Man ,  Pledge ,  Feminine of arien ,  Melody ,  The one who is lion of the lords ,  Air song or melody
Tzvi Deer
Gian God is merciful ,  Apostle of knowledge ,  Hebrew name meaning gods gift
Red One with red hair ,  One of red skin or red hair
Asuman From the sky ,  Turkish sky ,  Hindi lord of vital breaths ,  Lord of vital breaths ,  Lord krishna
Ceagan An unisex british name
Dume Resembling a bull ,  One who is very strong and confident
Marfa Lady of the house ,  A mistress a lady
Aoko An evergreen blue tree ,  One who is outside
Ada Graceful ,  Noble ,  Fulfilling a duty ,  Paying ,  Kind ,  Nobility ,  The oldest daughter ,  Happy ,  Ornament ,  Child of the red earth ,  Brightness ,  Prosperous ,  Style ,  Prosperous happy
Ho Good
Fani Free ,  Snake ,  One who has freedom
Azab Sword ,  Pleasant ,  One who loves to wander
Glyn Glyn means fair good or the one from the valley
Uri God is my light
Lwita Friend or companion
Bata Mate ,  Friend ,  Buddy ,  Mate friend buddy
Davion A potential and powerful being
Bart Rich in land ,  Aramaic son of tolmai ,  Son of the one who abounds in furrows ,  A variant of name barton and bartholomew