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Mahera One who is very smart cunning
Mahfar He who is worthy of trust
Mahfooza Safeguarded ,  Wellprotected ,  She who is well protected
Mahfouz The safeguarded one
Mahfouza A protected safe person
Mahfuza Well sheltered one
Mahfuzurrahman A well secured and proteceted one
Mahib One who is as brave as a lion
Mahibah Noble ,  Respected ,  A noble well respected woman
Mahid The one who brings comfort to others
Mahidul A muslim name
Mahinaw A woman who is like the moon light
Mahirimahsun A woman gorgeous as a moon
Mahjabeen A woman with the face like a moon ,  A radiant woman with the face like a moon
Mahjooba A person with hidden covered traits
Mahjub A concealed person someone who hides from the world
Mahlagna A woman with the moonlit face
Mahliqa She who has the face like a moon
Mahmed A trustworthy individual someone who is praised
Mahmoodatunnisa She who is praised among women
Mahmuda A praised and glorified woman
Mahreen Moon ,  Beautiful ,  She who has the beauty of the moon
Mahroof A woman who is notable to many
Mahrus One who is a safe harbor to others
Mahud A worshiped and admired individua
Mahveen Light of the sun ,  Brighness of the sunlight
Mahzuz One who is of great luck and fortune
Mailiha A beautiful woman with a smiling face
Maimana One who is on the right right wing of the army
Maimon One who is dependable and full of faith
Maimouna She who is under divine protection
Maimun A fortunate one
Mais One with a beautiful face
Maisah Walking with a proud ,  Swinging gait ,  Walking with a proud swinging gait
Maisara Prosperity ,  Abundance ,  She who is prosperous and comforting
Maisarah Wealth ,  Richness ,  An arabic name for girls that means ease needlessness
Maisha One who is full of life alive
Maisoora Ease ,  Successful ,  Fortunate ,  One who is successful fortunate
Maisur He who is fortunate
Maitham Muslim boys name
Maiza One who can distinguish between good and bad
Majal One who has opportunities
Majalisa Name describing a meaningful ceremony
Majalyn Arabic name
Majalynn Right handed person ,  Blessed and trustworthy
Majda Glory ,  Honour ,  Nobility ,  The honourable glorious one
Majdaldin A glorious faith
Majdeddin He who is honourable
Majdia A wish one who is desired
Majdiya Glorious ,  She who is splendid
Majdudeen Glory of the faith ,  Faith is glorious
Majed One who is noble
Majidaldin Glory of the faith ,  Glory found in the faith
Majitha A gods star
Makakhan One who is a great leader of people
Makarramkhan Truthful and honest individual
Makbul An accepted person