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Horia Angel ,  Angel a county in romania
Hosaamsword Deen sword of god
Hosaamud Deen sword of god
Hossain Varient of hussian
Hossam Sword that divides justice and injustice
Housni One full of goodness and exellence
Hozaifah A companion of the prophet
Hubaish Well known bird ,  Name of a tabi
Hudhayfah An arabic name from the ancient times
Hujjatulislam Proof of islam
Hulayl Old arabic name
Humaa Lucky bird
Humaila Golden necklace
Humaira From the arabic name meaning reddish title name of aisha ra one who strives to achieve her utmost best ,  Crimson
Humairah Of reddish complexion ,  Dark red colour
Humamuddin Brave
Humayu Divine
Humeira Colour of red
Humera Highest imaginary bird who soars
Humra Beautiful ,  Rose ,  Rosy
Humraz Secret
Humza Powerful
Hunayn Name of important man in house of wisdom
Hurairah One who is like a little cat a kitten
Hurayra A boy who is like a kitten
Hurriya Freedom ,  Liberty ,  A feeling of liberation and freedom
Hurriyyah A beautifully radiant woman
Husaamudeen The faiths sword ,  The sword of the faith
Huseyn A beautiful young man
Husian A small short goodlooking man
Husnia A girl who is beautiful
Husniya Beautiful ,  A beauty of the woman
Hussa One who is good natured and beautiful ,  Son of ali
Hussien A man who is beautiful and hppd
Huwaidah Gentle ,  A gentle man
Huwaydah Gentle ,  She is very gente
Huzair One who laughs
Huzayma He is a firm believer
Jabaar One who has great power and might
Jabarah A bracelet ,  One who wears a bracelet
Jabb A slim thin sleder lady
Jaber One who comforts others
Jabhar A variant of jabbar which means giant ,  Almighty
Jabrayah To love and respect someone
Jabri Allahs archangel
Jad He was a present from god
Jadida New ,  Fresh ,  One who is not used a fresh new one
Jadilhaqq One who follows the truth in life
Jaede A woman who is good and kind
Jafarsaadiq A name of the early leader of islam
Jaffar To be near a creek
Jaffer He who is like a brook
Jaibrian Jaibrian means blue bird strength and noble
Jaimin Strifes to triumph ,  Victory ,  One who succeeds
Jalala Loftiness ,  Sublimity ,  Glory ,  Grandeur ,  Glory of the faith
Johanizmin Johanizmin name means garden of paradise
Johara Jewel ,  Jewelone who is treasured idolized and considered to be important