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Fashan Mace of iron ,  Silver or gold ,  Made of iron ,  Strong
Fastyar Commander of men ,  Chief ,  Leader
Fauzi Arabic success ,  Victory ,  Triumph ,  A variant of fawzi
Fazira A male name of arab origin
Fazle The lords bounty
Fazlemawla The bounty of the god
Fazlerab The lords compensation
Fazlerabbi The lords donation
Fazululhaq The bounty of the truth
Fazzilet Blessings of allah ,  To have allahs blessings
Femida Wise ,  The one wise woman
Ferid Unique ,  Unmatched ,  A variant of farid
Feryal One who has the beauty of the light
Fethi He is a conqueror
Fiam A happy and joyous feeling
Fidda Silver ,  One who is like as sliver
Fikham Great ,  Illustrious ,  Bright ,  Luminous
Fikriyah Intellectual ,  A distinctly intelligent individual
Fikriyya An intellectual person( female version of fikri)
Filzah Extremely well loved
Finnan Fair white or blond (haired) (variation of finian)
Finnbar A person with fair (blond) hair
Finnbheara The king of the fairies
Finnehas The oracle ,  As per bible the son of eli ,  Darkskinned( egyptian)
Finton Whiteinferno or whitebull ,  The only one to live through of great flood
Fiorela A little flower (derived from latin fiora)
Firdus Paradise ,  Garden enclosure ,  Heaven
Firoh Happiness ,  Joy ,  Joyful ,  Delighted ,  Charmed ,  Ecstatic
Fitan Intelligence ,  Wisdom ,  Brilliance
Forouzandah A quranic name which means a radiant person
Fouzia Someone who is victorious and fortunate
Fozia A female who is triumphant and successful
Fredj Bliss content or enjoyment
Freyne Resembles foreign countries
Fridaws The very big garden in heaven
Galib Name of a great poet ,  Arabic conqueror ,  A derivative of name ghalib
Gazir Blue ,  Plentiful ,  Ample ,  A variant of name ghazir
Ghazali An arabic surname ,  Name of a sufi muslim and scholar
Guldali Gul means flower and dali means twig a twig or branch which is full of flowers
Gulfiliz Gulfiliz means a sprout of roses
GulgazelRose A girl who is as beautiful as a rose flower
Hadriana Arabic gift from allah ,  Blessing of god ,  Offered by allah ,  This is the feminized form of the male name hadria
Hajara Arabic emigrant ,  Abandoned ,  A variant of hajar
Hakambir Brave ruler ,  Courageous and fearless leader
Hakamjeet Victory of the ruler ,  Successful ruler ,  Emperor who win always
Hakampreet Love for authority ,  One who considers his authority dear
Harunalrachid Aaron the upright
Hasana Good deed ,  Kind act ,  Favour ,  Elegant ,  Good ,  Cheerful ,  Beautiful ,  Pretty ,  Fair ,  A variant of hasina
Hassanaskaree Early imam (leader) of islam ,  Grandson of prophet muhammad ,  A variant spelling is hassanaskari
Hassib Noble ,  Respected ,  Reckoner ,  A variant of hasib
Heela Hope ,  To hope ,  To wish
Hirsi Good luck charm
Homair A reddish man
Hooda Variant transcription of huda ,  A different spelling of huda that means a woman who is well guided
Hoori Fairy
Hooria Angel of heaven
Hoorulain The most beautiful hur with beautiful eyes