Latest Baby Names

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Attiq Used in the quran meaning antique
Atyaf Fantasies ,  A person full of fantasies
Aubeidulla A noble son ,  Learned person ,  A guide
Baz Falcon
Budat A princley man
Buhthah Happy ,  Delighted when seeing others ,  A person who is delighteted to see others
Bulusu A person who is humble and small
Buras A boy who is a rock or a stone
Busaina Diminutive of basna ,  A little pretty and delightful one
Busayna A gorgeous little lady
Busayrah She was a female companion ,  Someones female companion
Busyna A worshiper and ascetic of basrah
Butros A boy of rock and stone
Buyahya A yahyas father
Chirag Lamp ,  Prakash ,  A lighted lamp
Chiraz Calm peaceful and smooth person
Codei Light ,  A form of energy ,  Lamp ,  Torch ,  Tubelight
Cow Arabic word for a wild cow
Dashawn A determined good worker
Dawlatkhatoon She was from a ruling family ,  One who is from the ruling family
Dayeah Name of a bird ,  Goddess of kindness
Deema Rainy cloud ,  A cloud which brings rain
Dehiya One who is accepted by everyone
Delara One who can bring happiness in others life
Dhuka Name of the sun ,  One who has power and energy of the sun
DhulFiqaar Prophets sword ,  They search truth ,  Its name of prophets sword
Dhulfiqar Swords name given by muhammad
Egypt A vast expand of land or fortress
Ehab Gift or gifting someone
Ehsaan One who strives for perfection or excellence
Eiesha Purity ,  Name of muhammads wife ,  Alive
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with god ,  A variant spelling is iliya
Eimaan Faith ,  Virtuous ,  Pious ,  God fearing ,  Devoted to god ,  A variant spelling is imaan
Ejaaz A miracle ,  They are majestic and have analytical mind
Ejlal One who is honorable
Ekhlaq One who has many virtues
Eladari One who is luxury in paradise
Eladaria The luxurious paradise ,  They are powerful
Elgizouli One who is born to bring peace
Elladine A bright and shining ray of light
Ellma God provides protection ,  An apple
Emaan Victorious ,  Pious ,  God fearing ,  Devoted to god ,  Faith in religion
Emankum Victorious ,  Pious ,  God fearing ,  Devoted to god ,  Faith in religion
Essam Safeguard ,  Arabic safeguard ,  A variant spelling is esaam ,  Connection ,  Bond ,  Promise
Ezzah A person who gives the honour ,  Respect ,  Considerable ,  Admirable
Faghyar Intelligent ,  Like a scholar ,  Wise
Faishah Chief ,  Leader ,  Head ,  Principal ,  Place of origin of a river or torrent
Fajar Dawn ,  Rise ,  Beginning ,  Start ,  Morning prayer
Fakht Moonlight ,  Moonbeam ,  Radiance of moon
Faqid One who knows law and divinity ,  Intelligent ,  Judicious ,  Understanding
Faquir Of saintly ways ,  One who is selfsufficient ,  Wise ,  Noble ,  Ones spiritual need for god
Faras Mount ,  A horse used for riding
Fariza Light ,  A precious gem ,  Success ,  Life
Farmand Intelligent ,  Pure ,  Wise
Farohar Conquest ,  Angel ,  Spirit
Farozan Luminous ,  Radiant ,  Bright ,  Brilliant
Faruh Happiness ,  Joyful ,  Delighted ,  Charmed ,  Ecstatic