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Aatira Something related to good fragrances
Alwan Another name of alwin they are aristocratic friends who are colorful lofty noble and easygoing
Amalina Strain ,  Person who is hardworking and puts a lot of effort in everything
Amreen The vast sky
Anea A peaceful friend who are gracious and friendly
Annesha The funny infinite and skillful
Annessa The infinite and skillful being
Annessia The one who is funny infinite and skillful
Annise A friendly individual who is a satisfied
Annite God is gracious merciful one and he has answered the prayers
Anum The mercy of allah ,  A blessing who is a holy stone ,  Mercy of allah
Aresha A queen
Aryisha Under treeumberalla ,  Under a treeumbrella
Arzan Valuable
Arzang Ancient wrestler
Arzoo Desire ,  Wish
Asadul Most prosperous
Asaisha One who helps and supports ,  Successful
Aseerah Helper
Asgari Devotee
Asghia Pious modest
Ashalina Sweet ,  Always living ,  Shy ,  Loving ,  Sweet shy loving
Ashbala A pure honest original being
Asheeyana House ,  Nest ,  House nest
Ashiqali Adorer of ali
Ashiqmuhammad One who adores prophet muhammad
Ashiyane Trusts in unity ,  A loyal and selfless person
Ashmiza Creative ,  One who glows with intelligence
Ashnad A great swimmer
Ashrafjahan Noblest person of the world
Ashrafussadat Most noble sayyid
Ashras Name of a narrator of hadith
Asila One whose origion is noble and pure
Asilah Noble origin ,  Pure ,  Noble and pure origin
Asira One who is honoured and chosen
Asjid A person who prays to god
Asmara Beautiful butterfly ,  A sweet and beautiful butterfly
Asmat Pure ,  Clean ,  A pristine and clean girl
Asraf A person who is without grief
Asriyah Modernist ,  A girl who is modernist
Assad A group of animal names meaning lion
Assalam One who is converted to islam
Assia One who looks and comforts others
Aswaada A fulfilled prayer ,  A healer and a sweet person
Ataallah A boy who is allahs gift
Atabuk Protector or the guard of others
Ataurrahman A gift from allah
Ateeqa Ancient and noble
Atef A kind hearted boy
Atf Kindness favor and affection
Athir Favored ,  Preferred ,  A person who can be honored
Athmane They are family oriented and have protective spirit
Athya A kind hearted girl
Atifah One who is affectionate and compassionate
Atifat Kindness and sympathy
Atikah Pristine and humble
Attar Perfume maker