Latest Baby Names

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Berneice She who brings victory
Bertilda Shining battlemaid ,  Woman warrior
Bertilde Shining battlemaid ,  Woman warrior ,  Bright warrior maiden
Bertin Bright ,  Industrious
Bertrade Bright counselor
Berwick From the barley grange
Berwyk From the barley grange
Bessy God is my oath ,  Diminutive of elizabeth ,  House ,  Gods promise
Betsey God is my oath ,  Diminutive of elizabeth ,  Gods promise
Bette Consecrated to god
Bettye Gods oath ,  Form of elizabeth
Bev Beaverstream
Beverlee From the beaver meadow ,  Beaver stream
Beverley From the beaver meadow ,  Beaver stream
Carrolyn She is a champion of men
Caryn To be contemporaty modern
Corelia A name of unknown meaning also a name of the californian metal band
Corrissa Maiden ,  A young virgin unmarried woman
Cortel An alliance of enterprices
Dodiya Asong bird ,  It means as white as milk
Doli Its historical meaning is bluebird
Dollie Vision it also means gift of god
Doly Like as a beautiful doll ,  Vision gift of god
Donaver Capability of doing or accomplishing something
Erlina A shield or noblewoman or an elfin
Erlinda Princess or spirited
Ermenburg A mother in an northumbrian epic saga who trains her son for studying and fighting
Ermenburga A mother figure in ancient epic who trains her son
Ernestino An earnest and determined effort
Garrman Person who is having the spear in his hands
Garson Son of gar
Garvin Comrade in battle
Ghaur Consideration ,  Depth ,  Attention ,  One who has good attention a deep person
Ghaus Cry for help ,  Defender ,  The sound of the cry for help
Ghauth Help ,  Succor ,  To need and to give help
Ghawani Modest ,  Singer ,  Chaste ,  A person known for his modesty
Ghawth Help ,  Succour ,  To help others
Ghayas Cry
Ghayb Hidden ,  Absent ,  Away ,  The hidden person who is absent and away a lot
Ghayoor Is lot non
Ghayur Zealous eager high minded another name for god ,  A high minded person
Ghazal Lyric poem ,  Love poetry ,  Gazelle ,  The lover of poems poetry expression of strong emotions
Ghazanfar Brave ,  Lion ,  A man who is brave as a lion
Ghazar Who honouring
Ghazarat Abundance ,  Plenty ,  One who has plenty
Ghazari Pigeon ,  An arabic name meaning pigeon
Ghazi Conqueror ,  War champion ,  Hero ,  Warrior ,  A heroic person a hero
Ghazir Comfortable ,  Abundant ,  Ample
Ghaziuddin Warrior of religion ,  A warrior of religion
Ghaziz Fresh and tender bud of a tree ,  A tender bud of a tree
Ghaznoq The white color
Ghazwi Militant ,  Warlike ,  Heroic ,  A militant warlike person
Ghazzal Vendor of cotton thread ,  Girl who loves poems
Ghifari Of the ghifar tribe ,  One from the tribe named ghifar
Ghilibba Victory ,  Arabic name for victory
Ghiman Clouds ,  One who watches the clouds
Ghirnauq Fair ,  Handsome ,  A beautiful and handsome man