Latest Baby Names

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Aliyah Highborn ,  Heavens highborn or exalted
Amalasand A hardworking and industrious girl
Amalda The one possessing the power of an eagle engaged in rivalry and work
Amalea Form of emily ,  A hard working laborious female with a curious mind
Animish Openeyed therefore attractive ,  Lord shiva and vishnu ,  Fairy ,  Bright ,  Open eyed ,  Attractive ,  Endearing
Aninda Dear ,  Irreprochable ,  Beloved
Anindit Blameless ,  Faultless ,  Perfect ,  Flawless ,  One who is free of guilt
Anindith The blameless one ,  One with no faults ,  The perfect human being ,  The perfect ,  One who is free of guilt
Aniruddhan Courageous ,  One who is brave and has no obstacles
Anirvinya A name of god vishnu ,  One of the many names of god vishnu
Atirupa A handsome person
Atisanda An extremely impotent person
Ativiswa Somone who is related to celestial
Atmabhu A person who creates the self
Beacher Lives by the beech tree
Beachy Diminutive of beacher
Beal Attractive good looking beautiful
Beale Handsome attractive fine looking