Baby Names Starting with X

We have 70 Baby Names Starting with X in our list.

Xanadu Mongolian city ,  A place in china which was once kublai khans yuan dynasty
Xander Defender of man ,  Defending men
Xandra Protector of humanity
Xantara Protector of the earth
Xanthe Fairhaired ,  The shade gold
Xantheus One who is golden haired
Xanthippe Yellow horse its a feminine form of xanthippos
Xanthippos Yellow horse
Xanthos Yellow
Xantina Little saint
Xaria Melody ,  The gift of love
Xatia She who is flawless like an icon or painting
Xaverie Female version of xavier meaning the new house
Xavier New home ,  Bright ,  New house or bright
Xaviera Brand new home ,  Brilliant ,  Feminine version of xavier meaning bright or splendid
Xayadvirah Victorious over enemies
Xena Brave ,  Welcoming and hospitable
Xenia Woman of hospitality