Baby Names Starting with W

We have 344 Baby Names Starting with W in our list.

Waahib Liberal ,  Donor
Waahibah Giver ,  Generous
Waahid Single ,  Exclusively ,  Unequaled
Waahidah One ,  Unique
Waaiz Preacher or advisor
Waaizhah (waa
Waajida One whose wants are satisfied ,  Wealthy ,  A lover or beloved
Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life ,  Loved ,  Beloved
Waali The one who directs or the governor
Waamil An extremely beautiful girl
Waamiq Loving ,  Friendly
Waarithah (waarisah) an heir ,  A master ,  A lord ,  An owner ,  A successor
Waase One of the attributes of allah
Waasifah Describing
Waasilah Joining ,  Connecting
Waathiq Confident ,  Strong
Wabiba Giver ,  Donor
Wabisa Something bright