Baby Names Starting with R

We have 1790 Baby Names Starting with R in our list.

Ra God of the sun ,  The sun
Raaadhika Love of krishna
Raabia Fourth ,  The fourth one
Raabiah A bounding in green foliage ,  Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr
Raabitah Connection
Raad A scout a pioneer
Raadh Concept ,  A variant form of raadha which means success in sanskrit
Raadhaa Radha ,  Krishnas beloved
Raadhesh The consort of radha ,  Lord krishna
Raadhika Krishnas girlfriend
Raadhiya Lover of krishna ,  Satisfied
Raaef The increased
Raaem Loving
Raafe A good companion
Raafiah High ,  Exalted ,  Wealthy
Raag Music ,  One with a gift of music
Raaga Belongs to music terms ,  She who is musical
Raagavarshini Rain