Baby Names Starting with P

We have 1330 Baby Names Starting with P in our list.

Pa A fragrant and beautiful flower
Paadini Pleasing song
Paal A great keeper or a protector
Paalak An eye lid ,  Enthusiastic and cheerful
Paalavi First stanza of poem
Paamannan King of poetry ,  One who is talented with words
Paanchaalee Another name of draupadi
Paandu Father of the pandavas ,  A pale yet intelligent individual
Paandurang A diety ,  Name of lord vishnu ,  A deity
Paanini An ancient hindu saint ,  Name of a great scholar ,  Grammarian
Paaras Precious stone ,  Costly metal ,  Name of a stone whic turns metal to gold
Paarbrahm The supreme spirit ,  One who is born with supreme spirit
Paarijata Name of lord krishnas favorite flower
Paarth Another name of arjuna ,  One of many names of arjuna given by lord krishna signifying his skills in archery ,  One who never misses his target
Paartha Arjuna ,  Son of pritha ,  Name of son of pritha ,  Pandavas
Paarthav One who is born with stable expressive and cool nature ,  Earth
Paarthiban Another name of king arjunan ,  A name of king arjunan ,  Brave and powerful
Paarthiv Vishnu ,  Earthly ,  Earth ,  Name of the prince of earth ,  Brave