Baby Names Starting with O

We have 893 Baby Names Starting with O in our list.

Oadira Powerful ,  Potent ,  The female variant of mohan that means charming or infatuating
Oaghavanth King ,  Ruler ,  Emperor ,  Leader ,  Chief
Oaisara Empress ,  Wife of caesar ,  An arabic word that means the sword from india
Oak A sanskrit word that means adorable charming beautiful
Oakden It is referring to the hindu deity lord ram as the infatuated person
Oakland An enchanting brave person
Oaklee The servant of lord krishna (a hindu deity)
Oakleigh South indian variant of mohandas that means servant of lord krishna
Oakley From an oak tree forest ,  A charming lamp or a lamp that gives a charming light
Oakly Kind and compassionate lord krishna
Oaklyn American invented name
Oaklynn American invented name
Oaks The charming lord the god is fascinating
Oalo Small
Oamra The moon ,  Fascinating win or a fascinating winner
Oana A very fascinating light a light full of charm
Oanez She who is chaste
Oasis One who merged into lord krishna one who sacrificed himself to krishna