Baby Names Starting with H

We have 1762 Baby Names Starting with H in our list.

Ha Kiss of lifesunshine and warmth
Haabeel The biblical abel is the english language equivalent ,  Name of the son of hazrat aadam
Haadhir Present ,  Attending ,  A variant of hadhir
Haadiya Guide to righteousness ,  One that guides towards righteousness tranquil calm
Haadiyaa Guide to righteousness
Haady Guiding to the right ,  Guiding to the right righteous
Haadya Guiding to the right ,  Very well behaved well mannered
Haafiz Keeper ,  Guardian ,  Preserver ,  Preserver guardian keeper
Haafiza Protector defender to shield
Haajar Hard as a rock ,  Solid as a stone
Haajib Doorkeeper ,  Chamberlain ,  Eyebrow
Haajira Wife of prophet ibrahim mother of prophet ismail
Haajirah The wife of hazrat ibrahim ,  Peace be upon him
Haak Honestpervading orderly ,  Pedlar ,  A variant of haack
Haakim Wise ,  Healer ,  Physician ,  Ruler ,  Sovereign ,  A variant of hakim
Haakon High son decendent
Haala Lunar halo ,  Glory
Haalah A crescent shaped earring ,  Name of the sister of hazrat khadija tul kubraa (ra)