Baby Names Starting with A

We have 6031 Baby Names Starting with A in our list.

Aaaqil One who is wise and intelligent
Aaarabisk A person who is wishful and healthy
Aaarti Worship ,  Pleasing the god
Aab Shine
Aaban Name of the angel th persian month angel of iron name aban also in some cases has the meaning spontaneous and versatile
Aabavaanan Reliable or responsible ,  Implies a person who is responsible and reliable
Aabdar Glassy ,  Shiny clean ,  Name aabdar has a quranic origin which means moon light early quick it is derived from the bdr root which is used in the quran in verse in the word badr which means full moon and is the name of a famous battle
Aabha Glow ,  Splendour ,  Light ,  Brilliance ,  Bright and radiant ,  Glorious
Aabharan Jewel ,  Jewel, a variant form of name abharan
Aabhas The sense or feelings ,  Sense or feelings has a sanskrit meaning as realization
Aabhass Awareness ,  A variant name of abhas which means realization
Aabhavannan Light ,  Also means torch bearer who brings light
Aabheer A cowherd ,  Means a cowherd in sanskrit it also means one who is fearless
Aabher A cowherd ,  Means a cowherd and is variant form of name aabheer
Aabid Worshiper ,  One who worship allah ,  God knows ,  The word aabid means powerful complete worshipper of allah it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energies
Aabida Worshiper ,  Devotee ,  Devout ,  This can be the female case of name aabid it means worshiper devotee adorer
Aabidah Worshipper
Aabideen Worshipers ,  Zainul abidin is a islam name for baby boy and meaning is ornament of the worshippers it is probably taken from early islamic leader zainul abidin