Baby Names Starting with Z

We have 450 Baby Names Starting with Z in our list.

Zaabit Clever man one who remembers ,  Brilliant and intelligent ,  A variant spelling is zabit
Zaad The domination ,  Victory success ,  Triumph ,  To increase ,  A variant form of arabic name zayd
Zaadi Of the night guest
Zaaei Name of a flower in marathi ,  Name of a flower in oriya language
Zaafarani Saffron
Zaafer Helper or assistant
Zaafir Victorious
Zaafira Victorious ,  Successful
Zaafirah Victorious or successful
Zaahida Hermit ,  Ascetic
Zaahir Bright ,  Shining ,  Elevated ,  Bright shining elevated ,  Radianting ,  Derived from zahara
Zaakir Remembering ,  Grateful
Zaal Georgian form of zal meaning albino
Zaam Noise ,  Kalam ,  Voice
Zaan From near the zaan river
Zaanjar Ornament of leg (paayal) ,  Anklet
Zaara Brave
Zaarib One who beats striker ,  Fighter ,  Warrior
Zabeth Pledged to god
Zabian A worshiper of heavenly bodies
Zabir Vast knowledge of religion ,  One who vast knowledge of religion
Zabrina Fruitful desert flower ,  A form of sabrina meaning princess
Zacchaeus Clean and pure
Zachariah God remembers ,  Hebrew memory of the lord ,  The lord remembers
Zacharias God remembers
Zachary God remembers ,  Yahweh has remembered
Zack God remembers ,  Short form of zachary and zachariah ,  Hebrew memory of the lord ,  The lord remembers
Zadie Princess
Zaeem Guarantor ,  A prominent personality most probably a chief or leader
Zafeer The more success ,  One of firm and resolute intention
Zafer Help ,  Victory or victor
Zafir Victorious
Zagorka Behind the mountain
Zahaar Florist or flower seller
Zahab Gold
Zahabia Golden or made of gold
Zahari God has remembered
Zaharia Romanian word for moon
Zaharina Bulgarian feminine form of zechariah meaning the lord has remembered
Zaharinka A variant of zaharina meaning god remembers
Zahavah Golden
Zaheera Shining ,  Luminous ,  Brilliant ,  Plant that has flowered
Zahhak To smile
Zahi One who is beautiful and brilliant
Zahida Hermit ,  Ascetic ,  She who is restrained devoted to god
Zahirah Luminous ,  Shining luminous
Zahra Radiant ,  Bright ,  Shining ,  White ,  Resplendent ,  Shining or flower
Zahrah White ,  Flower
Zahri Flowerlike or fresh and good looking like a flower
Zahriyyah Flowerlike or flower vase
Zahrun Blossom or flower
Zahur Eminent ,  Radiant and brilliant
Zaia Light
Zaib Decoration ,  Beauty ,  A graceful and beautiful woman