Baby Names Starting with Y

We have 460 Baby Names Starting with Y in our list.

Yaotel Rival
Yaotl Combatant ,  Soldier ,  Warrior ,  Defender ,  Fighter ,  Rival
Yaotyl Yaotyl is a spelling variant of yaotel it means rival
Yaoxochitl Marigold or flower of the enemy
Yaqeen Belief ,  Certainty or lack of doubt
YaqinulIslam One who believes in islam
Yaquica He who goes to war
Yaqut Name of a gem found in swat
Yaquta Gold ruby pearl and coral basically a term used for gem stones
Yar Friend ,  A companion or friend
Yara White flower ,  The bright light ,  Water lady
Yarah Warm ,  A form of yarah meaning water lady
Yaran A close friend
Yardena To flow down
Yardley Forest of kindling ,  Of the yard
Yared A hebrew form of jared meaning rose
Yareli Water lady
Yaretzi You will always be loved
Yari Water lady
Yariq Shiny ,  Bright
Yaris Love beautiful or spring
Yaritza Water
Yarmilla Merchant
Yarnell Eagles nest
Yaro Friends ,  Son
Yarognev He who is fierce energetic and full of anger
Yaromir Man of peace
Yaron Filled with joy ,  He will sing
Yaropolk The name is derived from slavic elements yaru meaning fierce energetic and pulku meaning people host
Yaroslava Spring glory
Yaryna Peaceful
Yarzar King
Yasahiro Calm ,  Knowledgeable
Yasaman Jasmin
Yasamin Jasmine flower
Yasar Ease ,  Wealth ,  Wealth ease
Yaseera One who is blessed and living well
Yasen Ash tree in bulgarian language
Yashar Persianazarbayjani origin meaning lives for ever
Yashas Fame ,  Fame a famous person
Yashashree Gods name for success
Yashawn God is merciful
Yashem Green color address of ,  A green leaf
Yasher This living
Yashfa She who intercedes on behalf of someone on judgment day
Yashica Successful ,  Brave girl ,  Intelligent girl ,  Success ,  Successful brave and intelligent lady
Yashila Famous ,  Famous and popular
Yashita Successful ,  Winner ,  Fame and popularity
Yashiv God will answer
Yashmit Famed ,  Famed a famous person
Yashmita Always successful ,  Yashmita was the name of lord krishnas foster mother
Yashna One with fame ,  To pray
Yashodhan Rich in fame ,  Success ,  One who is rich in fame famous
Yashodhar Famous
Yashodhara One who has achieved fame ,  Glory ,  Bearer of fame or glory
Yashpal Protector of fame
Yashvasin The popular ,  Lord ganesha ,  The popular one also a name of lord ganesha