Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

We have 294 Baby Boy Names Starting with Y in our list.

Yaachan Prayer
Yaaja Yatin ,  One of the names of lord shiva
Yaalchelvan Pride of yaalpaanam
Yaalmani Gem of yaalpaanam
Yaalon He will rise up
Yaalvendan Ruler of yaalpaanam
Yaameen Towards right
Yaamir The moon
Yaamya One of the names of lord vishnu or lord shiva
Yaashk Exerting
Yaashvan Winner
Yaatiesh Lord of devotees
Yachel To start ,  To commence
Yacine Yacine is a variant of the arabic given name yasin it means happiness
Yaco A leather bag
Yad A lebanese word for jade
Yadab Yadab is the oriya version of yadav its one of the names of lord krishna and means descendent of yadu
Yadav Lord krishna ,  Descedent of yadu ,  Yadav is a name of lord krishna
Yadavendra Lord krishna ,  Leader of the yadavas
Yadhav Lord krishna ,  A variation of yadav meaning descendant of yadu
Yadhavan Lord krishna ,  One of the names of lord krishna meaning descendant of yadu
Yadhu Lord krishna ,  Name of an ancient indian king
Yadid Friend ,  Beloved ,  A beloved friend
Yadiel God has heard
Yadnya Holy fire ,  The holy fire
Yado Name of a kurdish leader
Yadu An ancient king ,  Name of an ancient king
Yadullah Allah karim hand
Yadunandan Lord krishna ,  Son of yadu a name of lord krishna
Yaegar Hunter
Yael Mountain goat
Yaeshawn God is merciful
Yafeu A bold and strong man
Yafir To image ,  The one who leaves a mark
Yaghoub Jacob ,  Assyrian form of jacob meaning to heel
Yagil He will rejoice
Yagnakaya Acceptor of all sacred and sacrficial offerings ,  One who accepts all the sacred and sacrificial offerings
Yagya Hawan ,  A holy ceremony
Yagyesh Lord of the sacrificial fire ,  Lord fo the sacrificial fire
Yahir He will enlighten
Yahya A prophets name ,  The almighty is gracious
Yaj A sage
Yajat Lord shiva ,  One of the many names of lord shiva
Yajnadhar Lord vishnu ,  A name of lord vishnu
Yajnarup Lord krishna ,  A name of lord krishna
Yakootah Emerald
Yakov Following after
Yaksh Representative of god ,  Representative of god a demi god
Yakshit Who is made forever ,  Permanent ,  Who is made forever permanent god
Yakub God will protect
Yale From the slopes
Yama The god of death ,  Also the five moral commandments ,  Reign ,  Curb in sanskrit ,  Mountain ,  Restrainer
Yaman Proper name ,  Blessed
Yamar Life alive
Yamato Old japan ,  Great harmony
Yamha Dove
Yaminah Suitable ,  Proper ,  One who is right handed