Baby Names Starting with W

We have 336 Baby Names Starting with W in our list.

Waahib Liberal ,  Donor
Waahibah Giver ,  Generous
Waahid Single ,  Exclusively ,  Unequaled
Waahidah One ,  Unique
Waaiz Preacher or advisor
Waaizhah (waa
Waajida One whose wants are satisfied ,  Wealthy ,  A lover or beloved
Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life ,  Loved ,  Beloved
Waali The one who directs or the governor
Waamil An extremely beautiful girl
Waamiq Loving ,  Friendly
Waarithah (waarisah) an heir ,  A master ,  A lord ,  An owner ,  A successor
Waase One of the attributes of allah
Waasifah Describing
Waasilah Joining ,  Connecting
Waathiq Confident ,  Strong
Wabiba Giver ,  Donor
Wabisa Something bright
Waceera The wanderer
Wachiru Son of a judge
Wacian Alert
Wacleah From wakes meadow
Wadaaat Mildness ,  Gentleness ,  Peace
Wadaan A boy destined to be wealthy and prosperous
Wadaana Prosperous ,  A girl destined to be wealthy and prosperous
Wadd One of the five idols worshiped by noahs people
Wade From near a ford ,  At the river crossing
Wadih Alone one who likes solitude
Wadim Romanian form of vadim probably meaning knowing one
Wadood Friendly ,  Loving ,  Lover or friend
Wadsworth Waddas estate ,  From wades estate
Wael Rescue seeking shelter
Waerheall From the true mans manor
Wafa Faithfulness ,  Loyalty ,  Faithfulness fidelity and loyalty
Wafaa Faithfulness
Wafic Lebanese arbitrator ,  Successful ,  Triumphant ,  Possible variant of wafiq
Wagma Morning breeze ,  Dew ,  Breeze accompanied with a pleasant smell
Wagner Maker of wagons
Wahab Forgiver ,  Giver of
Wahibah Giver ,  Donor ,  Giver donor
Wainwright Maker of wagons
Waiola Violet flower
Wairimu One of the nine founders of agikuyu
Waithaka Of the land
Waitherero The better one
Waiyaki Famous leader of the agikuyu
Wajdi Passion and love
Wajia A beautiful melody
Wajida Crib
Wakdar A man of high authority
Wakefield The wet land
Wakiuru One of the nine founders of agikuyu
Walcot One living in the welshmans cottage
Walcott Cottage ,  Dwelling of a foreigner