Baby Names Starting with T

We have 2013 Baby Names Starting with T in our list.

Taab Fragrance ,  Pleasant
Taabah Sweet ,  Agreeable ,  Pure ,  Excellent
Taabish Warmth ,  Brilliance ,  Moderate and comfortable heat
Taadeel Moderation ,  Equality ,  State of being equal
Taafeef Praise or hymn of god
Taahid Comfort at a time of grief
Taahir Pure ,  Chaste ,  Modest ,  Chaste modest
Taahira Pure ,  Chaste ,  Pure chaste
Taahirah Clean
Taaibah One who refrains from evildoings ,  Repentant
Taaj Crown ,  One who is crowned
Taajwar King ,  Crowned ,  One who has power to rule a kingdom
Taalah Young plam tree ,  Searching for someone
Taalea Fortunate ,  Involving good luck or fortune
Taaliah Lucky ,  Fortunate ,  Fortune ,  Godfearing devoted to god ,  Woman who recites the quran often
Taalib Candidate ,  Student ,  A student seeker of knowledge
Taalika Calm or nightingale
Taalim Sky high up above
Taamraparnee Copper leaves
Taan Ability to do something or act in a particular way
Taara Star or apple of the eye
Taaraka Star ,  Eye ,  Star or meteor
Taarini Taarini is one of the name of goddess durga it means she who frees
Taavet Estonian form of david it means beloved
Taavetti Adored ,  From the hebrew david means beloved second israelite king
Taavi Adored ,  Derivative of david dearly loved
Taayin Guardian
Tabaan Bright shiny ,  Refulgent splendid or glittering
Tabakee Musketeer
Taban Resplendent ,  Glittering ,  Splendid or glittering
Tabana Bright moonlight
Tabananica Hears the sunrise
Tabani Light
Tabari Famous muslim historian( arbic origin ) ,  A famous historian
Tabark Blessed
Tabasom Happiness from within
Tabb Drummer ,  Resplendent ,  Attractive and impressive through being richly sumptuous
Tabbart A brilliant man
Tabbatha Resembling a gazelle known for beauty and grace
Tabbitha Resembling a gazelle known for beauty and grace
Tabby Like a gazelle
Tabe People
Tabea From the ecclesiastic greek tabeitha a woman who was brought back to life by st peter
Taber Drummer ,  Brilliant ,  Shining ,  A ray ,  Encampment ,  Well ,  Known as taborer the player on the small drum
Tabetha Gazelle
Tabib Doctor ,  Someone who cures the sick ,  Doctor someone who cures the sick
Tabin Follower ,  Unfold
Tabina Muhammads follower ,  Follower of muhammad
Tabinda Shines ,  Bright ,  Bright and shining
Tabish Warmth ,  Brilliance ,  Warmth of brilliance
Tabita Aramaic name of dorcas meaning gazelle
Tabitha Like a gazelle ,  A gazelle ,  Gazelle ,  Roe ,  Beauty ,  Grace ,  Roebuck ,  Small deer
Tablita A tiara a headdress with feathers and symbolic design
Tabor Tambourine player ,  Mt tabor a mountain in nazareth