Baby Names Starting with S

We have 2495 Baby Names Starting with S in our list.

Saaadat A person who is blissful and happy
Saabiq Antecedent ,  Preceding ,  Antecedent prior former
Saabir Patient ,  Enduring ,  A patient person
Saabira Patient ,  Enduring ,  A woman who is patient and eduring
Saach A truthful beloved and graceful person
Saacha A person who helps and defends people
Saachee Beloved
Saachi Truth ,  A person who is beloved because she speaks the truth
Saad Felicity ,  Good fortune ,  Good luck ,  A blissful happy person
Saadaat Master ,  Gentleman ,  People who are lords leaders and superiors
Saadah A feeling of hapiness blissfulnes and elation
Saadalla A joy of god
Saadar Respectful respected
Saadat Blessing
Saade A blessing profit or laughter
Saadee The lord or the master
Saadet A person who is generaly happy in life
Saadhanaa Practice ,  A quest
Saadhin Work or achievement
Saadia Princess ,  To recieve help from god
Saadya Gods helper
Saagarik Belonging to the ocean
Saagnika Fiery passionate or with fire
Saahana Long life ,  Raga
Saahirah Earth moon or spring which flows constantly
Saahithi Literature
Saaman Jasmine
Saana A place name the name of the mountain in finland
Saanvika Goddess lakshmi ,  A name of goddess lakshmi
Saaqib Arabic name for boys meaning piercig sharp keen
Saarya Name of a pious woman
Saasha A defender of mankind
Saavini The name refers to the month of saavan
Sabah Forenoon ,  Morning ,  Dawn ,  Muslim name meaning morning
Sabana She who is from the open plain
Sabastian The vulnerable one
Sabburah Very patient ,  Enduring ,  A girl with a patient and enduring personality
Sabeen Cool morning breeze ,  A cool morning breeze
Sabelia Name of an ancient tribe in italy
Sabella Promise of god ,  God is my vow
Saber Sword ,  French word for sword
Sabghta Color ,  Over sinners to relaxation ,  Color given by allah true faith
Sabiba A sabine
Sabina From the sabine tribe ,  Form of sabine ,  Of ancient italian culture ,  A latin girl name
Sabino A sabine person ,  Sober and intellectual
Sabit Firmly in place or unshakeable
Sable Blackhaired ,  The black one
Sabra Sabra cactus ,  Thorny cactus ,  A name meaning to rest
Sabrina From the river severn ,  Legendary princess ,  Latin name for the riversevern
Sabryna Sabryna is the jamaican version of sabrina and means princess
Sabtu Malay word for saturday
Saburo Third male child ,  Japanese name meaning brightness
Sabyasachi Lord arjun ,  A deceitful insincire person
Sabyn A person from the sabine tribe from central italy