Baby Names Starting with Q

We have 322 Baby Names Starting with Q in our list.

Qaabil Acceptor ,  Next ,  Able ,  An accepter an approver of something
Qaabilah Capable woman ,  Midwife
Qaabiz A variant spelling of qabiz meaning one of the ninety
Qaadhee Magistrate ,  Justice ,  Judge ,  A magistrate of justice
Qaahir Conqueror ,  Victorious ,  One who conquers and wins lands and men
Qaaid One who is destined to be the leader of men
Qaaim A steadfast stansing person
Qaani One who is content with himself
Qaasim A distributor of something
Qaasit Person who is just fair
Qabad King azam
Qabbab A person who is like a strong deer
Qabeel Group ,  Family ,  Body ,  One who is the male child of syyidina aadam
Qabid Good boy ,  Great child
Qabihah A woman who is a delight for eyes
Qabil Acceptor ,  Next ,  Able ,  Son of adam ,  Another name for god ,  Efficient ,  Skilful ,  A person who approves something
Qabila Able ,  Wise ,  A woman who is smart and able
Qabilah Consenting
Qabir A grand great man
Qabita Name of an ancient egyptian woman
Qabiz One of the ninety men
Qabool Accepted ,  An early woman ,  One who is full of acceptance and approval
Qabos The white color
Qabtia Nation ancient sugar candy woman
Qabul One who accepts and approves things
Qacha Flank
Qachar Ruler
Qadan A cliff an edge of the mountain
Qadar A destination to be reached one with a divine destiny
Qadarat Nature
Qaddam Leader ,  Prince ,  King ,  Chief ,  Ruler
Qaddoor A powerful person who is able to do anything
Qaddur A capable and powerful man
Qadeem Ancient ,  Antique ,  An ancient timehonored or longpossessed
Qadeer Extremely capable ,  Competent ,  Able ,  Powerful ,  An allpowerful and capable person
Qadees Gohar
Qader Decrees ,  Evaluate ,  Honour
Qadhi Magistrate ,  Justice ,  Judge ,  One who is the judge of justice
Qadir Full of power ,  Capable ,  Competent ,  One of names of allah means a powerful and capable person
Qadira Full of power ,  The control ,  Powerful
Qadirin Powerful
Qadr One with a faith and a destiny
Qadriyah A woman that is extremly capable and has great power
Qadriyyah Strong ,  A woman of great strenght and power
Qahar Beautiful names of allah culinary
Qahhar Dominant ,  An emphatic word for name qahir which means the irresistible subduer
Qahi Conqueror ,  Victorious
Qahir Conqueror ,  Victorious
Qaid A commander of men
Qaifa Sightreader ,  The one who estimates things
Qaila Convincing
Qailah One who speaks ,  One of the names of name of a sahabiyyah (ra)
Qaim Standing ,  Strong ,  A standing rising and wellgrounded person
Qaima Cream origin arabic ,  A woman who is a bestower
Qais Lover ,  One who is known as a lover
Qaisar Emperor ,  Shah ,  One who is an emperor a shah a ceaser
Qaiser Emperor ,  Caesar ,  A ruler and an emperor of men and lands