Baby Names Starting with Q

We have 361 Baby Names Starting with Q in our list.

Qaabil Acceptor ,  Next ,  Able ,  An accepter an approver of something
Qaabilah Capable woman ,  Midwife
Qaabiz A variant spelling of qabiz meaning one of the ninety
Qaadhee Magistrate ,  Justice ,  Judge ,  A magistrate of justice
Qaahir Conqueror ,  Victorious ,  One who conquers and wins lands and men
Qaaid One who is destined to be the leader of men
Qaaim A steadfast stansing person
Qaani One who is content with himself
Qaasim A distributor of something
Qaasit Person who is just fair
Qabad King azam
Qabbab A person who is like a strong deer
Qabeel Group ,  Family ,  Body ,  One who is the male child of syyidina aadam
Qabid Good boy ,  Great child
Qabihah A woman who is a delight for eyes
Qabil Acceptor ,  Next ,  Able ,  Son of adam ,  Another name for god ,  Efficient ,  Skilful ,  A person who approves something
Qabila Able ,  Wise ,  A woman who is smart and able
Qabilah Consenting
Qabir A grand great man
Qabita Name of an ancient egyptian woman
Qabiz One of the ninety men
Qabool Accepted ,  An early woman ,  One who is full of acceptance and approval
Qabos The white color
Qabra Paradise
Qabtia Nation ancient sugar candy woman
Qabul One who accepts and approves things
Qacha Flank
Qachar Ruler
Qadan A cliff an edge of the mountain
Qadar A destination to be reached one with a divine destiny
Qadarat Nature
Qaddam Leader ,  Prince ,  King ,  Chief ,  Ruler
Qaddoor A powerful person who is able to do anything
Qaddur A capable and powerful man
Qadeem Ancient ,  Antique ,  An ancient timehonored or longpossessed
Qadeer Extremely capable ,  Competent ,  Able ,  Powerful ,  An allpowerful and capable person
Qadees Gohar
Qader Decrees ,  Evaluate ,  Honour
Qadhi Magistrate ,  Justice ,  Judge ,  One who is the judge of justice
Qadim Ancient ,  Antique ,  Old ,  Primitive ,  Without any beginning or end ,  Something ancient and very very old
Qadir Full of power ,  Capable ,  Competent ,  One of names of allah means a powerful and capable person
Qadira Full of power ,  The control ,  Powerful
Qadirin Powerful
Qadr One with a faith and a destiny
Qadriyah A woman that is extremly capable and has great power
Qadriyyah Strong ,  A woman of great strenght and power
Qadva Leader
Qahar Beautiful names of allah culinary
Qahhar Dominant ,  An emphatic word for name qahir which means the irresistible subduer
Qahi Conqueror ,  Victorious
Qahir Conqueror ,  Victorious
Qahira Overpowering ,  Victorious ,  A woman who overpowers others and is always a victor
Qaid A commander of men
Qaifa Sightreader ,  The one who estimates things
Qaila Convincing
Qailah One who speaks ,  One of the names of name of a sahabiyyah (ra)
Qaim Standing ,  Strong ,  A standing rising and wellgrounded person