Baby Names Starting with M

We have 2377 Baby Names Starting with M in our list.

Ma Heights ,  The heights
Maaarifa Face ,  Countenance ,  Features
Maab Place to which one returns ,  A beautiful place or person to return to
Maad Arabic name that means afterlife
Maadhav Another name of krishna ,  One of many names of lord shri krishna
Maadhava Krishhna ,  The husband of the goddess of fortune ,  Vishnu ,  A person who is as sweet as honey
Maadhavee Goddess
Maadhuree Sweet ,  Like sugar
Maagadhee Name of daughter of magadh king
Maaglant A happy and versatile individual
Maahi Love ,  Love adoration
Maahir Skilled ,  A skilled person someone who is an expert
Maahirah Skillful ,  Able ,  Experienced
Maahjabeen Forehead ,  Moon ,  She carries the moon on her forhead
Maahnoor The moons glow
Maaike Rebellious woman ,  Hebrew wished for child ,  Sea of bitterness ,  To swell ,  Dutch diminutive of maria ,  As mary
Maajid One who is honourable and splendid
Maajida Glorious ,  Powerful ,  A glorious woman of power
Maalav Keeper of horses ,  A keeper og the horses
Maali To be blessed sanctified
Maanasa Mind ,  The unity of mind and soul
Maarav West ,  Hebrew west ,  A variant name is maaravi
Maaravi West ,  Hebrew west ,  A variant name is maarav
Maaria Rebellious woman ,  The sea of sorrow
Maariah A sea of bitternes and sorrow
Maarib End goals
Maarika Rebellious woman
Maarit Pearl ,  Old greek pearl ,  A variation of the name margaret
Maarja Estonian form of maria it means sea of bitterness
Maarku Rendered to mars ,  Warlike
Maarten A perrson who is good at warefare
Maartje Rendered to mars ,  Woman with aggresive personality
Maat Truth ,  Law ,  Egyptian mythical goddess of order and justice
Maau Poet
Maavarasan One who is a great king
Maayan Fresh as a spring of water
Mabayoje Yoruba term meaning do not destroy joy
Mabel Adorable ,  Old french lovely ,  To love ,  My beautiful one ,  A shortening of the spanish name mara isabel
Mabelle My beautiful one
Mabilia Adorable lovable one
Mable The lovable one
Mabli One who is admired and loved
Mabon A knight ,  Mythical god of youth
Mabrooka Blessed ,  Prosperous ,  A blessed prosperous girl
Mabrura A pious girl or woman who is accepted by allah
Mac Scottish and irish prefix meaning son of
Maca A person who is happy and cultured
Macaire The one who is graciously blessed
Macalister The son of alasdair
Macall Son of the chief in battle
Macallan A son of a handsome man
Macallister Son of the defender of mankind
Macarena The blessed one
Macaria Old greek blessed