Baby Names Starting with L

We have 1793 Baby Names Starting with L in our list.

La La means the sun
Laabh Profit ,  Yield ,  Earned ,  Gain
Laabha Acquirement ,  Acquisition ,  Gain ,  Profit
Laado Sweet ,  God gifted
Laaek Laaek means still water
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats heavens she will be in jannat al firdous ,  Laabiah means the prettiest woman
Laaiq The name means suitable eligible
Laaj Honour
Laajbir The name means highly respectful
Laal Lovely ,  Beloved ,  Dear one ,  Red colour ,  Pampered ,  Close to heart
Laalamani Ruby ,  Red pearl ,  Precious stone
Laalasa Prayer
Laalit Loved ,  Pampered ,  Beloved ,  Close to heart ,  Dear one
Laalitya Good ,  Lovelyness ,  Loved ,  Pampered ,  Beloved ,  Close to heart ,  Dear one
Laalsa Greedy
Laara Laara means famous woman
Laashya Happiness
Laasya Smile ,  Dance performed by goddess parvathi ,  Beam ,  Glow ,  Grin
Laaysa Worshipper ,  Dance performed by goddess parvati
Laban Laban means white
Labanga Labanga means cloves
Labani Labani means the woman who is full of grace
Labi Labi means she moves in a slow manner
Labon Labon means white bright
Labonita Graceful ,  Beautiful one ,  Labonita means beautiful one
Labrencis Latvian variant of lawrence it means laurel or bay
Labronna Labronna means the one with brown hair
Laca Laca is a name that derives from a town in normandy
Lace Lace comes from a french nobelmans surname
Lacee The name comes from a normandian nobleman and a town in normandy
Lacene Lacene was a french noble surname after the town in normandy
Lacey Person from normandy ,  The name derives from french normandian town
Lachie Land filled with lakes
Lachina Land filled with lakes
Lachlan Land filled with lakes ,  The name means the norwegian
Laci Laci means the glory of the rule
Laciann Laciann means the famous ruler
Lacie Lacie means she is like a lace
Laciee Laciee a girl as bautiful as lace
Lacienega La cienega means swarmp
Lacina Lacina comes from french noble family name
Lacinda Lacinda means she is light
Lacine Lacine name derives from a famous french noble family who came to england after the normandic invasion
Lacola Lacola means the peoples victory
Lacona Lacona means the victory od people
Lacramioara Lily of the valley
Lacrima Tear
Lacy Lacy derives from different towns in france brought to england during the norman conquest
Lacye Place name derives from france normandy
Lada Lada is the name of pagan slavic goddes of love means maiden girl
Ladan A flower ,  Ladan means witness
Ladda Ladda means maiden young girl goddes of love
Ladeca The name means a mainden
Laden Laden means the one who witnessed