Baby Names Starting with L

We have 2482 Baby Names Starting with L in our list.

La La means the sun
Laabh Profit ,  Yield ,  Earned ,  Gain
Laabha Acquirement ,  Acquisition ,  Gain ,  Profit
Laado Sweet ,  God gifted
Laaek Laaek means still water
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats heavens she will be in jannat al firdous ,  Laabiah means the prettiest woman
Laaiq The name means suitable eligible
Laaj Honour
Laajbir The name means highly respectful
Laaka Carefree or the lark bird
Laal Lovely ,  Beloved ,  Dear one ,  Red colour ,  Pampered ,  Close to heart
Laalamani Ruby ,  Red pearl ,  Precious stone
Laalasa Prayer
Laalit Loved ,  Pampered ,  Beloved ,  Close to heart ,  Dear one
Laalitya Good ,  Lovelyness ,  Loved ,  Pampered ,  Beloved ,  Close to heart ,  Dear one
Laalsa Greedy
Laara Laara means famous woman
Laashya Happiness
Laasya Smile ,  Dance performed by goddess parvathi ,  Beam ,  Glow ,  Grin
Laaysa Worshipper ,  Dance performed by goddess parvati
Laban Laban means white
Labanga Labanga means cloves
Labani Labani means the woman who is full of grace
Labbaanah Milk
Labeb Kernel ,  Rational
Labeeb Sensible ,  Intelligent ,  Understanding ,  Labeeb means the sensible one
Labeeba Wise ,  Intelligent ,  Labeeba means she is wise and sensible
Labeeqa Understanding the
Labi Labi means she moves in a slow manner
Labib Sensible ,  Intelligent ,  Labib means he is a person of great intelect
Labiba Wise ,  Intelligent ,  Labiba name means she is a person of intelect
Labibah Wise ,  Intelligent ,  The name mans she is quick to understand
Labid A companion ,  Labid means he is a great companion
Labisha To late
Lablab The name means ivy
Labon Labon means white bright
Labonita Graceful ,  Beautiful one ,  Labonita means beautiful one
Labor The name means to work
Labronna Labronna means the one with brown hair
Lac Lac comes from a town name in normandy
Laca Laca is a name that derives from a town in normandy
Lace Lace comes from a french nobelmans surname
Lacee The name comes from a normandian nobleman and a town in normandy
Lacene Lacene was a french noble surname after the town in normandy
Lacey Person from normandy ,  The name derives from french normandian town
Lach Lach means person who lives near a water
Lache Lache means his habitat is near water
Lachie Land filled with lakes
Lachina Land filled with lakes
Lachlan Land filled with lakes ,  The name means the norwegian
Laci Laci means the glory of the rule
Lacia Lacia means tender like a lace
Laciann Laciann means the famous ruler
Lacie Lacie means she is like a lace
Laciee Laciee a girl as bautiful as lace
Lacienega La cienega means swarmp
Lacina Lacina comes from french noble family name