Baby Names Starting with K

We have 2620 Baby Names Starting with K in our list.

Ka Ka means pure and torture
Kaab The name kaab means honorable throne
Kaadih Toiling ,  Making efforts
Kaadiha Toiling ,  Making efforts
Kaaj Kaaj means to rejoyce
Kaajal Mascara ,  Surma ,  Kaajal name means muscara surma or eye liner
Kaakalee Glow of lamp
Kaalaka Durga ,  Pupil of the eye ,  Kaalaka means pupil of the eye
Kaalanjari Parvati ,  The name means goddes parvati
Kaalappan The father of time or the lord of time
Kaalathi A tamil name signifying beginning of time
Kaali Goddess ,  Goddess parvathi in black fierce destructive form ,  Word means the black one in sanskrit
Kaalika The name meansflower bud od loud
Kaalikaa Lustrous
Kaalindi River yamuna ,  Variant of kalindi meaning sun ,  Mythological reference of kalinda mountains or river kalindi
Kaaliya A huge serpent ,  Name of a huge black fierce serpent whom lord krishna wins over
Kaalki Lord narayana ,  One of many names of lord narayana signifying him as protecting force against destruction
Kaam Kaam means effort to work
Kaamaari A sanskrit name meaning enemy of lust ,  One who is considered enemy of deva of lust
Kaameh Goal wish
Kaamil Complete ,  Perfect ,  Accomplished ,  Kaamil name means complete perfect
Kaamilah The name means flawless without flaws
Kaamisha A happy soul
Kaamla Perfect ,  Kaamla means lotus or pale red
Kaamnoosh Sweet wish or sweet desire
Kaamran Prosperous ,  Successful ,  Blessed ,  Fortunate ,  A variant of name kamran
Kaan King of kings or ruler
Kaapo Gods bravest man ,  Estonian form of gabriel meaning man of god
Kaapro Kaapro means strong man of god
Kaare Kare name means man of heart
Kaarel Estonian form of charles it means man
Kaari Kaari menas rare excelance precious stone
Kaarina Chaste ,  Pure ,  Kaarina means pure chaste
Kaarle Free man ,  Kaarle means strong
Kaarli Estonian form of charlie it means man
Kaasheen A place north of ilam in iran
Kaashi Pilgrim of india ,  Name of indian city ,  Derived from sanskrit word kashi meaning shining ,  A pilgrim city of india with temples of lord shiva
Kaashif Revealing ,  Discoverer ,  Kaashif means dicoverer revealing
Kaashinath Lord of kaashi ,  One of many names of lord shiva ,  Derived from sanskrit word kashi meaning shining
Kaasi Kaashi name means from the holy city
Kaatachi Paramount chief or leader
Kaatje The name kaatje means the one who is pure
Kaawa Kaawa means east
Kaazim Restrainer ,  Controller of anger ,  Kaazim name means restrainer controller of anager
Kabaark Noble ,  Dignatories ,  Kabaark means noble
Kabar High status ,  Kabar name means high status
Kabecka Kabecka name means twin
Kabeer The elderly ,  Name of a famous poet saint ,  A mystic poet or poet sants of india ,  Kabeer name means the erderly
Kabeera Great ,  A variant of name kabira which means great
Kabelo Kabelo means given
Kaber The nations chief
Kabera The greatness
Kabibe Kabibe means little lady
Kabili Name kabili means honest brave
Kabir Great ,  Powerful ,  Leader ,  Kabir name means the great
Kabira Elder ,  Big ,  Kabira means powerful great
Kabr Name from kabir ,  A variant of name kabira which means great