Baby Names Starting with J

We have 1626 Baby Names Starting with J in our list.

Ja Name that means me
Jaabili Moon ,  Full moon ,  Bright luminant and radiant full moon
Jaabir Consoler ,  Comforter ,  He is a good counselor
Jaafar Rivulet ,  Small river ,  He who comes from the small river
Jaagriti Enlightenment
Jaagruthi Awakening
Jaagup Estonian form of jacob meaning supplanter
Jaah Glory ,  Honor ,  Dignity or grandeur
Jaahanvi Moon light
Jaak One who holds the heel
Jaakko Following after ,  Finnish form of jacob ,  Supplanter ,  Representative
Jaakob He is a supplanter
Jaala A little goat who is ascending
Jaali Powerful
Jaalib Motive ,  Cause ,  One who has a motive a cause for acting
Jaan Spirit life ,  Life ,  Soul ,  God is gracious ,  Power
Jaana A sea of bitterness
Jaani He is a gift of god
Jabali Strong as a rock ,  Possessing a herd of goats ,  A man who is strong as a rock
Jaban Gentle ,  Good
Jabare A man known for his bravery
Jabari Courageous ,  Brave ,  Strong hearted ,  Fearless ,  Courageous ( swahili origin ) ,  One who is brave
Jabeen River ganga ,  A name of the ganga river
Jabez Grief ,  One who is sorrow and is in trouble
Jabier A bright man
Jabir One who comforts ,  Restorer ,  Comforter ,  Consolation ,  One who consoles ,  Consoler ,  A variant of jabbar
Jabori One who brings comfort to people
Jabraan Penalty ,  Reward ,  A penalty for your deeds
Jabran Penalty ,  Reward ,  A reward or a penalty
Jabrion One who has a bow made of yew wood
Jabroot Magnificent or majestic
Jabulani He who rejoices
Jac God is merciful ,  Hebrew yahweh may protect ,  Holder of heel ,  A variant of jack
Jacek Like a hycianth flower
Jacey Unclear ,  A woman who is a healer
Jachike Give praise to god or hail god
Jacie She who heals people
Jacinda One who is like the hyacinth flower
Jacint A boy who like s the hyacinth flower
Jacinta Hyacinth flower ,  Hyacinth ,  Purple flower name ,  Beautiful ,  A woman with hyacinth color eyes
Jacintha She who smells like a hyacinth flower
Jacinthe A woman who smells lowely like a hyacinth flower
Jacinto Hyacinth flower ,  A boy who grows hycintho flowers
Jacki Her protector is god
Jackie One who supplants ,  A woman protected by god
Jackin Man
Jackob Variation of jacob which means supplanter
Jackson Son of jack god is merciful ,  Son of jack (god is gracious)
Jaco Following after ,  God might guard
Jacob Following after ,  Hebrew yahweh may protect ,  Holder of heel ,  Supplanter ,  Derived from the yaakov or yakubel in hebrew
Jacoba Following after ,  Hebrew supplanter ,  May god protect ,  A variant of jacqueline ,  Feminine form of james and jacob
Jacobella Feminine form of jacob meaning supplanter