Baby Names Starting with I

We have 650 Baby Names Starting with I in our list.

Ia Violet flowers
Iaicchik The earth
Iakob Georgian form of jacob meaning supplanter
Iakobina Iakobina is the bulgarian version of jaclyn and means god will add
Iakopa Holding the heel
Iamar Moon
Ian God is merciful ,  God is gracious
Iancu Romanian form of john meaning yahweh is gracious
Ianthe Flower of purple color ,  Purple flower
Iara The name is derived from yiara the name of a water nymph or siren in the tupi mythology of brazil
Iarere To descend or the descendant
Iassen Ash tree
Iavor Sycamore
Ib Following after
Ibadah Worship
Ibadat Worship ,  Prayer ,  Devotion
Ibadullah Servants of god
Ibb Noble strength
Ibbani Honey dew
Ibbie Promise of god
Iben Harmony
Ibernia A woman belonging to ireland
Ibhar Open like the ocean
Ibidolapo A term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth together
Ibidun The birth was sweet
Ibilola A girl who is born in riches
Ibr Prophet abraham
Ibrahim Father of multitude ,  Intimate friend ,  Prophets name ,  A variant of ebrahim meaning father of many nations
Ibrat Wisdom to learn from experience
Ibthaj Joy a girl who brings joy wherever she goes
Ibtihaj Joy
Ibtihal Supplication ,  Prayer ,  Supplication and prayer
Ibtisam Smile ,  Smile a girl with a smiling face
Ibtisama Smile
Ibukun Blessings
Ibukunoluwa The blessings of god
Icarus Follower
Iccauhtli The younger brother
Ice Adaptation of the english word meaning frozen waterliquid
Ichabod Glory gone
Ichiro First born child
Ichpochton Little daughter
Ichtaca Nahuatl word for secret
Ichtacka Secret
Ida Hardworking woman ,  Prosperous ,  Happy ,  Work ,  Labour ,  Woman ,  Thirst ,  Goodness ,  Knowledge ,  A nymph ,  Hard working ,  This moment ,  Insight ,  Planet earth ,  Industrious ,  Diligent ,  Norman origin ,  A woman who is hardworking
Idai Awakening ,  Love
Idalia Behold the sun
Idan A historic period ,  Age
Idaramfon Happiness is free
Idella Hardworking woman
Idha Insight
Idhant Luminous ,  Bright and luminous
Iditri Complimentary ,  One who praises