Baby Names Starting with H

We have 2053 Baby Names Starting with H in our list.

Ha Kiss of lifesunshine and warmth
Haabeel The biblical abel is the english language equivalent ,  Name of the son of hazrat aadam
Haadhir Present ,  Attending ,  A variant of hadhir
Haadiya Guide to righteousness ,  One that guides towards righteousness tranquil calm
Haadiyaa Guide to righteousness
Haady Guiding to the right ,  Guiding to the right righteous
Haadya Guiding to the right ,  Very well behaved well mannered
Haafiz Keeper ,  Guardian ,  Preserver ,  Preserver guardian keeper
Haafiza Protector defender to shield
Haafizah Having a good memory ,  One who knows the whole quran by heart
Haajar Hard as a rock ,  Solid as a stone
Haajib Doorkeeper ,  Chamberlain ,  Eyebrow
Haajira Wife of prophet ibrahim mother of prophet ismail
Haajirah The wife of hazrat ibrahim ,  Peace be upon him
Haak Honestpervading orderly ,  Pedlar ,  A variant of haack
Haakim Wise ,  Healer ,  Physician ,  Ruler ,  Sovereign ,  A variant of hakim
Haakon High son decendent
Haala Lunar halo ,  Glory
Haalah A crescent shaped earring ,  Name of the sister of hazrat khadija tul kubraa (ra)
Haami A protector ,  A patron ,  Helper ,  Supporter ,  Defender
Haamid Praising (god) ,  Loving (god) ,  Grateful ,  From kikuyu ,  Praising loving associated with god one who offers approval
Haan Sun ,  Rooster ,  Name of a place
Haanee Happy ,  Delighted ,  Content ,  Joyful ,  A variant of hani
Haani Happy ,  Delighted ,  Content ,  Content delighted happy
Haanish Delighted pleased happy
Haaris Vigilant ,  Watchman ,  Guardian ,  Protector ,  Friend ,  A variant of haris
Haarisah Guard ,  Protector
Haarith Plowman tiller ,  Old arabic name ,  Ploughman ,  Tiller ,  A lion that digs into the earth
Haaroon The biblical aaron is the english language equivalent ,  A prophets name ,  Hope optimism positive expectation
Haashim Name of prophet mohammeds grandfather ,  Old arabic name ,  Generosity ,  Generosity kindness with a bright heart
Haasim One who live the life with zeal ardor and enthusiasm
Haatib A person who collects wood ,  Name of a sahabi who participated in the battle of badr ,  He was the messenger of the holy prophet (peace be upon him) to the ruler of egypt
Haatim Judge ,  Inevitable ,  Unavoidable ,  Decisive by nature determined strong minded
Haaziq Skillful ,  Intelligent ,  Skillfull ,  Brilliant
Haba Favourite ,  African one who is charming ,  A variant of haiba
Habab Fine dust ,  Aim ,  Goal ,  End ,  Destination ,  A variant of habbab which means loving and affectionate
Hababah A daughter of ajlan ,  She was a narrator of hadith
Habakkuk Wrestler he who embraces
Habasha Eagle ,  Hawk
Habbah Berry ,  Grain ,  Seed ,  A variant form is habba
Habeeba Beloved ,  Sweetheart ,  Darling ,  Loved one ,  A variant spelling is habiba
Habeel Name of one of the sons of sayyidina aadam as ,  One of the sons of prophet adam
Haben Pride pleasure satisfaction
Habib Dearly loved ,  Beloved ,  Sweetheart ,  Friend ,  Darling ,  A variant of habeeb
Habiba Beloved ,  Sweetheart ,  Darling ,  Beloved darling sweetheart
Habibah Loved one ,  Beloved ,  Sweetheart ,  Favorite dearest beloved
Habibeh Beloved ,  Popular admired well liked by everyone
Habibullah Beloved of god ,  Loved by god gods beloved
Habika Sweetheart darling beloved
Habiki Echo sound
Habil The biblical abel is the english language equivalent ,  One of the sons of prophet adam ,  Biblical abel
Habis A narrator of hadith
Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in lebanon ,  Name of a kind and benevolent lady who once lived in lebanon
Habub The one having good animals or cows also the family name of jamasp
Habwat Gift ,  Present
Hac An old anglosaxon nickname for haca
Haca An old anglosaxon byname that is not complementary