Baby Names Starting with H

We have 1611 Baby Names Starting with H in our list.

Ha Kiss of lifesunshine and warmth
Haabeel The biblical abel is the english language equivalent ,  Name of the son of hazrat aadam
Haadhir Present ,  Attending ,  A variant of hadhir
Haadiya Guide to righteousness ,  One that guides towards righteousness tranquil calm
Haadiyaa Guide to righteousness
Haady Guiding to the right ,  Guiding to the right righteous
Haadya Guiding to the right ,  Very well behaved well mannered
Haafiz Keeper ,  Guardian ,  Preserver ,  Preserver guardian keeper
Haafiza Protector defender to shield
Haajar Hard as a rock ,  Solid as a stone
Haajib Doorkeeper ,  Chamberlain ,  Eyebrow
Haajira Wife of prophet ibrahim mother of prophet ismail
Haajirah The wife of hazrat ibrahim ,  Peace be upon him
Haak Honestpervading orderly ,  Pedlar ,  A variant of haack
Haakim Wise ,  Healer ,  Physician ,  Ruler ,  Sovereign ,  A variant of hakim
Haakon High son decendent
Haala Lunar halo ,  Glory
Haalah A crescent shaped earring ,  Name of the sister of hazrat khadija tul kubraa (ra)
Haami A protector ,  A patron ,  Helper ,  Supporter ,  Defender
Haan Sun ,  Rooster ,  Name of a place
Haanish Delighted pleased happy
Haarisah Guard ,  Protector
Haasim One who live the life with zeal ardor and enthusiasm
Haatib A person who collects wood ,  Name of a sahabi who participated in the battle of badr ,  He was the messenger of the holy prophet (peace be upon him) to the ruler of egypt
Haba Favourite ,  African one who is charming ,  A variant of haiba
Habakkuk Wrestler he who embraces
Habash Guinea hen ,  Guinea fowl ,  Guinea fowl guinea hen
Haben Pride pleasure satisfaction
Habiba Beloved ,  Sweetheart ,  Darling ,  Beloved darling sweetheart
Habika Sweetheart darling beloved
Habiki Echo sound
Habis A narrator of hadith
Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in lebanon ,  Name of a kind and benevolent lady who once lived in lebanon
Habub The one having good animals or cows also the family name of jamasp
Hac An old anglosaxon nickname for haca
Haca An old anglosaxon byname that is not complementary
Hachi Eight ,  Also means a bee or flowerpot
Hachirou Eighth son ,  A variant transcription is hachiro
Hacket Norman personal name
Hackett Person with a hooked nose ,  Scottish and norman persons name
Hackit The names of scottish personels
Hackitt Old name of norman and scottish personal
Hadad Joy ,  Noise ,  Clamor ,  Clamor joy noise
Hadaq Wise
Hadassah From the myrtle tree ,  Variant of myrtle tree in hebrew
Hadbar Beautiful
Hadd One who is guided
Haddad Smith ,  Blacksmith
Haddaq Wise
Haddow One who came from haddo ,  It is of medieval scottish origin a location name from aberdeen
Hadees Speech or dialogue of the almighty
Hadeon Destroyer
Hades Not being seen ,  Unseen ,  Dark god of the underworld ,  A variant of haides
Hadewisa Roger of mortimers wife