Baby Names Starting with G

We have 2075 Baby Names Starting with G in our list.

Ga One who tills and is a farmer
Gaaba Greenlandic variant form of kaapa meaning god is my strong man
Gaabriel A form of gabriel meaning man of god
Gaalava Kind of ebony ,  The lordhra tree (lotus bark tree) ,  Name of rishi(saint) ,  A pupil of vishvamitra
Gaanavi Raaga
Gaandhaari Mother of kaurvas ,  Wife of dhutrastra
Gaangey Of ganga
Gaargee Ancient scholar
Gaarwine A close mate with a spear
Gaathaa Lovely story
Gaayana Music ,  Singing ,  One who has a sweet melodious voice and can sing well
Gaayatree Sacred verse ,  A goddess
Gabba The whirling water
Gabbara Great
Gabbi The god is my power
Gabbie A nice girl of god
Gabbs A detail loving person who is conservative
Gabby Gods bravest woman ,  Hero of god ,  From the name gabrielle
Gabe Gods bravest man ,  From the name gabriel
Gabi From the name gabriela
Gabie A woman of god
Gabija Refers to hide or protect
Gabina Honey ,  Honey or as sweet as honey a girl with sweet disposition
Gabir The one who gives relaxation
Gable Tax collector ,  Gobler ,  Junior gabriel or son of gabriel
Gabor Gods bravest man ,  God is my strength and might
Gabra Man ,  Human being
Gabrianna God gives me strength
Gabriel Gods bravest man ,  God is my strength
Gabriela Gods bravest woman ,  God is my strength
Gabriele God has given me great power
Gabrieli A form of gabriele meaning god is my hero
Gabriella An angel ,  God is my strength
Gabrielle Gods bravest woman ,  God is my strength
Gabrijel Croatian form of gabriel meaning god is my strong man
Gabrijela A variant of gabrielle meaning woman of god
Gabrio God is my strength and shield
Gabryjel God is my shelter
Gadge God is my strength ,  Gods able bodied one
Gadi God is my fortune ,  Positive fortune or profitable future
Gadiel God is my fortune
Gadil God is my prosperity or mammon
Gae Refers to delightful or blissful
Gaega A topographic name ,  Hill and stream
Gael Of gaelic descent ,  Refers to an unknown person or visitor
Gaenor The one who is pure honest and easy going person
Gaerwn The fortress which reflects in white color
Gaetan From gaeta ,  The one who is from gaeta italy
Gaetana The person who originally comes from gaeta italy
Gaetane Gaeta is the native place
Gaetano From gaeta ,  Gaeta is my home town
Gaeti One who has good judgement and loyal being
Gaevani Son of vohunemah as mentioned in the farvardin yasht
Gage In charge of weights ,  Measures ,  Of the pledge
Gah Name for a sword and pond
Gahbed Treasurer ,  Banker
Gaheris Sons of lot who was an old testament man in the bible