Baby Names Starting with F

We have 1624 Baby Names Starting with F in our list.

Fa To send ,  Pass ,  Chinesee name meaning a new beginning
Faa A surprassing excellent person ,  Sky
Faadhil A generous praiseworthy man ,  Excellent
Faaghira Jasmine flower ,  She who is like a jasmine flower
Faaiq A person who surpasses other peopel ,  High
Faaiz A victorious triumphiant man
Faaizah Successful ,  Prosperous ,  Victorious
Faakhir He is a great person
Faakhira Glorious ,  Magnificent ,  An excellent woman
Faakhiree A woman who will surpass others
Faakih Finny ,  Humorous ,  Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr
Faakihah Fuirts
Faakirah Elegant ,  Splendid ,  Proud
Faalgun A month in the hindu calendar ,  Born in falgun ,  A hindu month ,  A name of the month in hindu calendar
Faalgunee Day of full moon ,  The day of full moon
Faarees One who is a knight a good horsemn
Faareh A man with a happy personality
Faaria A woman who is tall and slim
Faariah Name of sahabiyyah
Faariha A joyful and cheerful girl
Faarihah A swift shecamel
Faaris Perspicacity ,  A cavalier who is a great horsman
Faarooq A man who knows the difference between right a wrong
Faas Your fate is good
Faatih A person who conquersopens and initiates things
Faatihah Begning ,  Introduction ,  Perface ,  Opner ,  Conqueror
Faatima A woman who abstains ,  Captivatng ,  A captivating woman who is abstinating
Faatin Captivating ,  A woman who captivates your attention
Faatina Captivating ,  She cativates the eye
Faatinah Captivating ,  Alluring ,  Enchanting ,  Fascinating ,  Charming ,  A woman who is facsinating people
Faaz Victorius ,  Successful ,  A person who is a sucessful victor in life
Faazila Virtuous ,  Honest ,  Excellent
Fabeha Fortunate
Faber An occupational name for a person who is a smith
Fabia Lovely bean ,  A woman who is bean farmer
Fabian Bean grower ,  Grower of beans ,  The sky ,  A bean ,  One who grow beans ,  Fabulent ,  He who farms beans
Fabiana A little woman who farms beans
Fabianne A weoman who grows beans
Fabien He who grows beans for a living
Fabienne Lovely bean ,  A lady of the bean farm
Fabijan Slovene form of fabianus meaning bean
Fabio Bean farmer ,  He who owns a bean farm
Fabiola Lovely bean ,  A girl who grows beans
Fabion A bean growing boy
Fabius A beangrower
Fable Name means a story
Fabriana A woman who is crafty
Fabrice A crafty man who works with his hands
Fabricio A man who is very crafty
Fabrizia A woman with crafty hands
Fabrizio Skilled worker ,  A man who is a craftsman
Fabunni African name meaning this was given to me bt god
Fabyen A man who is a bean farmer
Facca The sheep in the pasture
Facundo One who is significant eloquent
Fadahunsi The kings favor
Fadda The flock of the sheep in the meadow