Baby Names Starting with E

We have 2293 Baby Names Starting with E in our list.

Ea Firea person on whom others can rely on
Eabae A versatile and very creative person
Eabba It is derived from the hebrew word abba which means father
Eabbe Its derived from the hebrew word abbe which means father of extreme happiness
Eabha The hebrew meaning of the name eabha means to live
Eachann Brown horse ,  It means horselover in irish
Eada It means wealthy
Eadaion It means friendship in german
Eadbald A person who enjoys beauties of nature
Eadbeald A heavenly light
Eadbehrt Ead means blessed and behrt means bright
Eadbeorht The name eadbehort means wealthy
Eadbert Name of a king
Eadberth It means a blessed person
Eadbhard It means rich protector
Eadburg Ead means fortune and burg means fortress
Eadburga Ead means wealth and burg means protection
Eadburh A person who loves to help the lessfortunate
Eadburt Its derived from the word eadbert which means wealthy
Eadelmarr A person who is noble
Eadfrid A seriousminded and responsible person
Eadfrith They are generous human beings
Eadgar It means a very powerful person
Eadger One who is fortunate and powerful
Eadgifu They are a rich gift to mankind
Eadgyfu Ethical and good natured person
Eadgyth Wife of a wise counsellor
Eadgytha Wise wife of a counsellor
Eadheard Ethical and easygoing person
Eadhed One who has earned respect of many
Eadhelm A friendly and social person
Eadhere A selfcentered person
Eadhild Maid of a rich battle
Eadida A reserved nature person
Eadie An ambitious person
Eadild A fortunate and precious person
Eadita Amusing and diligent person
Eadith One who is blessed with riches and prizes
Eadlyn A healthy and wealthy friend
Eadmaer The one who comes from riches and greatness
Eadmer A respected and diplomatic person
Eadmod A homestead ,  Providing protection
Eadmund One who has riches and is a protector
Eadnod An energetic and alluring being
Eadnoth An ethical and analytical person
Eadoin A modern form of name ,  They are majestic
Eadrea A brave and manly bearer
Eadred A rich happy and eager person
Eadric Wealthy monarch ,  They are manly and wealthy ruler
Eadsele One who is from edwards estate
Eadsige Analytical smart and intellectual being
Eadstan A superior person
Eadu It means wealth or richness
Eaduin An idealisticprosperous and inspirational person
Eadulf A person who has an intense desire to serve others and be the helping hand in the society
Eaduuard A majestic personality
Eadwacer Heavenwatcher ,  A person who is of expressive nature