Baby Names Starting with E

We have 1788 Baby Names Starting with E in our list.

Ea Firea person on whom others can rely on
Eabae A versatile and very creative person
Eabba It is derived from the hebrew word abba which means father
Eabbe Its derived from the hebrew word abbe which means father of extreme happiness
Eabha The hebrew meaning of the name eabha means to live
Eachann Brown horse ,  It means horselover in irish
Eada It means wealthy
Eadaion It means friendship in german
Eadbald A person who enjoys beauties of nature
Eadbeald A heavenly light
Eadbehrt Ead means blessed and behrt means bright
Eadbeorht The name eadbehort means wealthy
Eadbert Name of a king
Eadberth It means a blessed person
Eadbhard It means rich protector
Eadburg Ead means fortune and burg means fortress
Eadburga Ead means wealth and burg means protection
Eadburh A person who loves to help the lessfortunate
Eadburt Its derived from the word eadbert which means wealthy
Eadgifu They are a rich gift to mankind
Eadgyth Wife of a wise counsellor
Eadgytha Wise wife of a counsellor
Eadhelm A friendly and social person
Eadhild Maid of a rich battle
Eadie An ambitious person
Eadlyn A healthy and wealthy friend
Eadmaer The one who comes from riches and greatness
Eadoin A modern form of name ,  They are majestic
Eadred A rich happy and eager person
Eadric Wealthy monarch ,  They are manly and wealthy ruler
Eadu It means wealth or richness
Eaduin An idealisticprosperous and inspirational person
Eadwacer Heavenwatcher ,  A person who is of expressive nature
Eadwald Derived from the word eadweald it means rich ruler
Eadward Guardian ,  The derived meaning from german is strong as a boar indicating a strong personality
Eadwiella It means from the old spring
Eadwig It means a rich or prosperous person
Eadwin It means a person who is a blessed friend and valued for in the society
Eadwold An independent and a very tolerant person
Eadwulf A person who is idealistic and has inspirational qualities ,  Its derived meaning from old english where ead mean fortuneand wulf meanswolf
Eadwyn It means a valued friend
Eafa The meaning of eefa in welsh means life
Eagan It means son of fire in irish
Eagle Eagle ,  Educated and noble person ,  Attentive
Ealasaid Promise of god ,  One who is devoted to god and humanity
Ealda They are majestic creatures who rule
Ealdgyth An old battle maid ,  The noble one
Ealhred A hall or a big place
Ealhstan They are stone hard and temple pure
Ealhswith One who is lucky and fertile
Eama One who comprises of the whole universe
Eames One who is a prosperous protector
Eamma Its derived from germanic name emen meaning universal
Eamon Rich guardian ,  It is derived from irish form edmund which means guardian
Eamonn Protection ,  One who saves
Ean It means god is forgiving
Eanraig Ruler of the house