Baby Names Starting with B

We have 2304 Baby Names Starting with B in our list.

Baabar Lion ,  King of jungle ,  One who has the power of a lion
Baadal Cloud ,  A cloud which bears water and bring rain
Baadi A dirct plain and everlasting being
Baadir Shining
Baadiyah Name of a sahahiyyah
Baadshah They have a vision or foresight ,  King
Baadur Georgian form of bahadur meaning hero warrior or brave
Baageshawaree A raga ,  Beauty
Baageshree Beauty
Baahi Glorious ,  Magnificent ,  One who is glorious and magnificent
Baahir Dazzling ,  Brilliant ,  A brilliant and dazzling personality
Baakir The eldest child born in the family
Baako Baby first born ,  The first born child in the family
Baala A young girl ,  Child ,  Young girl ,  Young offspring ,  Junior ,  Infant ,  Baby ,  Youthful
Baalaa Child ,  Young
Baalaaditya Risen sun
Baalaaji Lord vishnu ,  One of the many names of lord vishnu ,  Another name of lord venkateswara
Baalaark The rising sun ,  Red radiant sun of dawn
Baalagopaal Baby krishna ,  One of many names of lord krishna to refer to his young form
Baani Founder ,  Originator ,  Earth ,  Another name of goddess saraswati
Baano Lady ,  Princess ,  A very beautiful princess
Baara A flame ,  Purging
Baariq Shining ,  Lightning ,  Bright ,  An illuminating and bright light
Baarizah A prominent personality
Baashir One known for his bravery and loyalty
Baasim Smiling ,  One who has a very pretty smile
Baasima Smiling ,  One who smiles ,  One who is happy
Baaz Falcon
Bab Grandfather ,  From the gateway ,  A gateway to heaven ,  A traveller
Baba Father ,  Old ,  Cute baby ,  Sweet baby ,  Born on thursday ,  Young lad
Babajide Father is coming home ,  The father has returned
Babak Small father ,  Name of the father of ardeshir ,  Founder of the sassanid dynasty ,  Faithful ,  Young father ,  A character in shahnameh ,  They are the young father ,  Satisfied person
Babasolaf Fathers wealth has arrived
Babat Lucky ,  Fortunate ,  Blessed ,  Privileged
Babatunde Return of the father ,  The father who has returned
Babatunji The father returns again
Baber Advisor ,  Simple heart ,  One who has a feeling of self assurance ,  Lion
Babetta Foreign woman
Babgha Parrot ,  A spontaneous and happy to go lucky person
Babi Followers of the sufi saint bab ,  One who has an analytical and clever mind
Babik Law ,  A king name
Baboor Afghan happiness ,  Turkish lion ,  A variant of name babor and babur
Babr Tiger ,  A miraculous being ,  Lion who is the king of the jungle
Babra Foreign woman
Babrak Little basilica flower ,  Babrak is the pashto word of the little basilica flower
Babs Stranger ,  Foreigner ,  One who is a born traveller
Babu Father ,  Master ,  Ruler ,  A hindu gentleman ,  A native clerk who writes english ,  Child ,  A title used for calling with respect
Babul Gate of god ,  A tree ,  Lord shiva ,  Father ,  A pleasanr and one with an easy going personality
Baburam Leader of a rebellion ,  Head of an uprising ,  Refering to lord ram as the leader
Baby Infant human ,  A complete and successful person ,  Shaping future
Bacchus Make a loud noise ,  Latin god of wine ,  A variant form of the greek name bakchos which means to shout
Bach Beside a stream ,  One who lives by the stream
Bacha Bacha also the name of a famous pashtun leader means king
Bachar One who is full of joy ,  One who is filled with joy
Bachra Joy ,  An elegant woman ,  Pleasant one
Bachram The star of fifth sky
Bacon Selling pork ,  An old baker ,  One who cuts meet