Urdu Baby Names

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Aabid Worshiper ,  One who worship allah ,  God knows ,  The word aabid means powerful complete worshipper of allah it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energies
Aabida Worshiper ,  Devotee ,  Devout ,  This can be the female case of name aabid it means worshiper devotee adorer
Aabidah Worshipper
Aabideen Worshipers ,  Zainul abidin is a islam name for baby boy and meaning is ornament of the worshippers it is probably taken from early islamic leader zainul abidin
Aabinus Ebony ,  Meaning of word aabinus is ebony dark colored
Aabirah Fleeting ,  Transitory ,  Ephemeral ,  Something that is fleeting transitory ephemeral
Aabis Austere ,  Stern ,  Aabis has the meaning of lucky it also means grimfaced fiercefaced the boy named aabis seems to be fortunate meeting with good success
Aabish Queen of iran ,  Daughter of saad ,  Name of sads daughter also the name of a queen of iran
Aabroo Honour ,  Fame ,  Dignity ,  Prestige
Aadila Just ,  Honest ,  Equal ,  Upright ,  The female counterpart of aadil which means a person with justified morality
Aaeedah Visiting ,  Returning ,  Reward ,  The name means something of value given in return of some thing good reward in some cases it means return
Aafa Forgive made the mistake
Aafeen To forgive mistake
Aafi To forgive
Aafiya Good health ,  Bin ayyub had this name ,  He was a narrator of hadith ,  The person who has a very sound body and health
Aafsar Rapidly that works ,  Rapidlythat works
Aahid The commitment
Aaid Restore
Aaidah Name of a narrator of hadith
Aaien Darwish adjectives
Aaiez Depandent ,  A person who depends on others ,  Very needy or indigent
Aaila Beautiful ,  Like moon ,  The word aaila means beautiful attractive and possessing charm just like a moon
Aaima Leader ,  Ruler ,  Aaima means the one who is supreme leader or the one who leads or conducts
Aaina Mirror
Aaira Noble woman ,  Honourable and respectful lady ,  The one who is worthy of respect who is noble and honorable
Aaki To establishment
Aakifa A lady who worship allah in solitude
Aakifah Devoted ,  Dedicated ,  The name aakifah means means one who stays at the mosque to worship allah one who stays away from people to dedicate himself to allah
Aala Bounties ,  This means having a quality of being generous bounties ample or plentiful
Aalimah Scholar ,  Authority ,  A woman of high stature and authority a female scholar
Aamad Intended to
Aamanee Good wish ,  The good desire hope or a sound blessing
Aamilah Doer of good deeds ,  Righteous ,  One who always does whats right a righteous woman
Aamira Imperial ,  Abundant ,  Inhabited ,  The superior or being prosperous and abundant
Aamirah A woman inhabitig in a place ,  The one having residing in a divine place close to god
Aania Towards ,  Direction ,  Concern
Aanisah Young lady ,  Maiden ,  Pioushearted lady one who is goodnatured
Aapa Big sister
Aara Adoring ,  The person who can be adored adoring
Aarib Handsome ,  Healthy ,  The one who is healthy and very handsome
Aarifah Knowing ,  Women who recognises islam
Aarzam War ,  Battle ,  Quarrel ,  The name means war battle or being conqueror
Aarzu Wish ,  Hope ,  Love
Aasaal Evening time ,  Real ,  Pure
Aaseyah One who be apt to weak and the one who makes good console comfort
Aasia Hope ,  Hopeful ,  Person is very hopeful and the name refers to largest continent of the earth
Aasieyah This name gives you capability of organising planning carrying work for great success
Aasira Bond ,  Brave strong and powerful fighter who can conquer imprison enemies
Aati Achieves ,  The one who is generous
Aatifa Affection ,  Sympathy ,  Affection and sympathy
Aatiqah Shoulder support old
Aatirah Fragrant
Aayah Generally it means evidence or signs in the islams principal scripture this name is used to mean verse
Aayan God’s gift ,  Manifest ,  Blessing ,  Speed ,  Bright ,  A small but the first part of an element ,  Gift of god ,  Gods gift ,  The one who is bright swift
Aayed Obligor
Abadiya Ibn al abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style ,  Name of a famous author known for his unique style
Abadullah To worship allah