Spanish Baby Names

We have 1611 Spanish Baby Names in our list.

Here is list for spanish baby boy name and spanish baby girl names. In Spain or Latin America, Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in the world! The culture of Don Quixote, flamenco, tortillas and margarita brings in the naming tradition of hot-blooded temperament!

Abad Everlasting ,  Eternal ,  Someone who is everlasting eternal
Abejundio Means relating to bee or abaje
Abelardo Breathing ,  Basically it means generous kind ans solid personlaity
Abelino Bird ,  Means unsure pet form of avila
Abigeal The fathers rejoice
Abilo One who is skill and proficient in whatever he does
Abrienda The opening or the inauguration
Abril Open
Acela A flower from the god or the ash tree
Acha The holly bushes or plants
Adalberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  The bright noble or the shining noble
Adalira A kind person noble
Adamo Man ,  Son of red earth ,  First man to come to life
Adan Paradise ,  Heaven ,  Garden of a heaven ,  Variation of adam from the red earth ,  Earth ,  Man ,  The son of adam man or red earth
Addis Son of adam ,  Son of the red earth ,  A derivative of name adam
Addolorata Our lady of the sorrows or grief ,  Virgin mary
Adelina Graceful ,  Noble ,  A form of adeline
Adelio An honourable and kind person
Adelmo Strong ,  Persistent ,  A hard and preserving noble
Adolfo Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  Noble wolf
Adoncia A sweet girl sweet like honey
Adora Adoration ,  The glory of a person adored
Adoracion Adoration ,  An act of religious worship
Adrian From hadria ,  Dark one ,  Rich ,  Water or a sea of water
Adriana From hadria
Aelger A bright or merry person
Aelina Bright shining light a torch
Afonso Noble ,  Prepared ,  The ready and noble person
Agapito One who is dearly loved precious adored cared for treasured cherished and ones favourite
Agata Goodhearted ,  One who is good at heart and mind pure kind gentle and a nature lover
Agnese A variant of agnes it means lamb
Agueda Goodhearted ,  Spanish and portuguese form of agatha
Agustin Latin august dignified holy ,  A variant of name augustine
Agusto Deserving respect ,  Venerated ,  Majestic ,  Dignified
Ahovira Means in a while later or yeah ill get to it (eventually)
Ahvana The capital city of cuba
Aimon Homebody
Aina Beautiful eyed woman ,  Lightning ,  The only one ,  Pure ,  Virginal ,  Joy ,  Forever ,  Always
Ainhoa Refers to the virgin mary
Aitana High honor
Aixa Happiness ,  Aixa is pronounced as eyshaa aixa is primarily used in the spanish language
Alamar Gilded ,  Covered with gold ,  Arabic coated in gold
Alameda Grove of cottonwood ,  Promenade ,  From the popular tree
Alarico Noble ruler who is the ruler of all ,  Energetic
Alatea Truth
Alba Fair ,  White ,  Sunrise
Albano Latin man from alba ,  A variant of name alban
Alberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  Noble bright and famous individual
Albinus Latin white ,  Blond ,  Fair one ,  A variant of name albus
Aldo Very old ,  Something old archaic
Aldonza A girl who is sweet and nice towards others
Alejandra Protector of humanity ,  Defender of mankind
Alejandro Defender of man ,  Guardian of mankind
Alejo Supporter
Alessandro Defender of men ,  Old greek defender of men ,  A variant of name alexander
Aletia Honest candid sincere
Alexandro Defender of man ,  Old greek defender of men ,  A variant of name alexander