Sinhala Baby Names

We have 132 Sinhala Baby Names in our list.

Achala Steady ,  Mountain ,  Earth steady mountain
Achila The feminine form of achilles or without lips
Agara House dwelling place
Ajantha Creative ,  A famous buddist cave ,  He who is creative also the name of a famous buddhist cave
Ajith Invincible ,  Victorious ,  Unconquerable ,  One who cannot be defeated by anyone
Ama African child born on saturday ,  Old norse eagle
Amanda One who deserves love ,  Active ,  The one who is made for love and respect who are active and bright
Amanthi Peace protector
Amithnal A loving and wise leader
Anesha Old greek pure chaste ,  Holy ,  Pious ,  Kind ,  Good ,  A varaition of agnes ,  Celtic hunger ,  Lamb ,  One
Anika Gracious ,  Merciful ,  Goddess durga ,  Grace ,  Favour ,  God is gracious ,  God has shown favour ,  Graceful young girl
Anuradha Name of a star ,  Bright star ,  A star ,  Name of a goddess of good fortune
Asanka Fearless one witout doubt
Ashane Grace, favoured, god is gracious, god has shown favour, powerful and complete
Asheni A strict natured serious and diplomatic person
Asiri Blessings
Athula Something thats immeasurable incomparable
Avanthi Name of a historical city
Ayomi My joy
Banduka He who is outstanding
Bhakthi Devotion
Buddhika He who is clever and wise
Ceylon Sri lanka ,  Name of a place
Chamara He who is expressive
Chaminda An experienced person
Champaka A flower
Charuka Beautiful
Chathura He who is skillful smart and genius
Chatura Clever ,  Fosterer of genius
Chaturi She who is clever
Chithkala Knowledge
Chrishantha Social a sociable being
Dayani She who is friendly
Dilipa Protector of dehli from sanskrit ,  (dili) dehli combined with ,  (pa) protecting ,  The one who gives accepts and protects
Diyon Brave birth
Dulani Cutting
Duminda The bo tree or bodhi tree
Erajh Morning light
Gayesha Expressive
Geethan He who gains honor through songs
Harshani Joy or delight
Hetuwa An old srilankan name with lost meaning
Hinni God strengthens
Inesh King of kings ,  King of the kings
Insith A leaders heart
Iranga Expressive
Isuri She who is lucky or fortunate
Jeewana Life or giving life
Kalani Of the heavens ,  Kalani name means the heavens
Kalathma She who possesses great arts
Kavith Poet
Keshini A woman with beautiful hari ,  Keshin means lion
Kevin Fair ,  Gentle ,  Little gentle one ,  Lovable ,  Handsome ,  Beloved ,  Gentle birth ,  Kevin means he is born as gentle child
Kiyoma A good mother
Kosala The name means lion
Kovider Wisdom
Lakmini Independent