Sanskrit Baby Names

We have 1821 Sanskrit Baby Names in our list.

Represented by yoga chants and the mystical sound of Om, Sanskrit is considered an official language for Hindu rituals and Buddhist hymns and mantras. The naming tradition of Sanskrit origin is as classical as the language itself.

Aabha Glow ,  Splendour ,  Light ,  Brilliance ,  Bright and radiant ,  Glorious
Aabharan Jewel ,  Jewel, a variant form of name abharan
Aabhas The sense or feelings ,  Sense or feelings has a sanskrit meaning as realization
Aabhass Awareness ,  A variant name of abhas which means realization
Aabheer A cowherd ,  Means a cowherd in sanskrit it also means one who is fearless
Aabher A cowherd ,  Means a cowherd and is variant form of name aabheer
Aacharya Teacher ,  Another name for drona ,  Means learned teacher ,  A variant of sanskrit name acharya ,  Another name of drona
Aadarsh Ideal ,  Means one who has principles in sanskrit ideal man ,  A variant form of name adarsh
Aadesh Command ,  Message ,  Means instruction in sanskrit
Aadityesh Aadityesh has meaning of the ultimate power of the sun the god sun
Aagar The word aagra means a person having interest in music excelling in music
Aagarna The word signifies the person having natural born abilities of music
Aagney Son of the fire god ,  Child of flames ,  A variant name is aagneya
Aalaya Home and refuge
Aami One who is dearly loved
Aamodini Pleasureable ,  Fragrant
Aanal Fire ,  God of fire
Aanand Joy ,  Joy or bliss ,  Happiness ,  Delight ,  Pleasure ,  Good fortune ,  Contentment of joy