Quranic Baby Names

We have 81 Quranic Baby Names in our list.

Aabdar Glassy ,  Shiny clean ,  Name aabdar has a quranic origin which means moon light early quick it is derived from the bdr root which is used in the quran in verse in the word badr which means full moon and is the name of a famous battle
Aabid Worshiper ,  One who worship allah ,  God knows ,  The word aabid means powerful complete worshipper of allah it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energies
Aabida Worshiper ,  Devotee ,  Devout ,  This can be the female case of name aabid it means worshiper devotee adorer
Aayat Miracle or signs of the divine
Aleem Knowledgeable ,  Wise ,  Learned ,  Expert ,  One who has knowledge
Aminah Honest ,  Trustworthy ,  Truthful ,  Reliable ,  Filled with honesty and trustworthy nature
Anwaar Multiple lights luster ,  Rays of light ,  The luminous and bright ,  An eternal flame and light
Asar Mark ,  Print ,  Effect ,  Footprint ,  Mark sign
Ayah Sign and proof of allahs greatness ,  Verse from the quran ,  A sparkling and twinkling human being
Azad Independent free ,  An independent and a free person
Azhar The most shining luminous ,  Flowers ,  A shining and luminous being
Azim Protector ,  Great ,  Magnificent ,  Admirable ,  Splendid ,  The great and magnificent being
Aziz Noble ,  Exalted ,  Lofty ,  Extraordinary ,  One who has great might and glory
Badr Full moon ,  A learner ,  Also the name of full moon
Bahaar Spring ,  Beautiful spring seaon ,  Peaceful
Bayyinat Clear signs or clear proofs
Dunya World ,  Worldly life ,  That which is close ,  Beautful and smart human being
Faadhil A generous praiseworthy man ,  Excellent
Faiqa Genius ,  A siblime woman of high status
Fardeen Radiant ,  One who has the strenght of three men also a name of the first month of the parsi year
Farhana Happy ,  Joyful ,  Cheerful ,  A cheerful and merry woman
Farida Unique ,  One with no match
Fazl Grace ,  Favor ,  One who does good deeds
Ghafur To forgive
Hakim Wise ,  Wisdom and decisiveness ,  One of gods ninetynine names
Haq Just ,  Right ,  Justice ,  Truth true real just right
Hasun Strong ,  A goodlooking handsome and pretty man
Hyat To be alive
Ilm Knowledge ,  Science ,  Doctrine
Janna Garden ,  Paradise ,  Who speaks or answers afflicted poor
Marib Ultimate goal ,  Destiny ,  Conclusion ,  A woman with an ultimate goal
Marriam Pious and godfearing woman devoted to god
Maruf He does good deeds
Mashhur A person that is wellknow and famous
Mashkur Appreciated ,  A person whose acts have gained his gratefulness of people
Masir Destiny ,  Fate ,  Final destination ,  A man who is going after his ultimate goal
Maslama Indirectly mentioned ,  A feeling of safety and security
Mastoorah A woman who is hidden covered and modest
Masudah Happy ,  Lucky ,  Fortunate ,  A man whose personality is happy and joyful
Matar An arabic name that meas rain
Mawada Friendship ,  Intimacy ,  A woman who is love affection comapassion and harmony
Mawadda Friendship ,  Intimacy ,  A woman who is loving compassionate
Mawaddah Affection ,  Love ,  Friendliness ,  She is harmony sympathy and love
Mawhub A bestowed gifted man
Meezan To weight and judge the propriety and justice of deeds
Mohammad To praise ,  To thank ,  Praiseworthy glorified ,  Mohammad founder of the islamic religion ,  Many names and variants used for mohammad ,  The most important and precious part of human body which give light to our path ,  Eyes
Mohammed Form of muhammad ,  Praised ,  Vastness magnitude in size greater than anything
Mohmmedidrees Sweet as nectar honeyed as sugary
Moosa Name of a prophet ,  Arabic form of moses ,  One who is saved out of water the name of a prophet of almighty
Musa Saved ,  Savior ,  Saved from the water ,  A prophets name
Raheem Merciful ,  God is compassionate ,  Kind ,  He who is kind and tender
Rahma Mercy ,  Grace ,  Compassion ,  Girl who is graceful and kind
Rauf To have compassion ,  Merciful ,  Kind ,  An attributive name of allah(swt) ,  A person of great compassion for others a merciful person
Rayhan Good scent ,  Fragrance ,  Fragranced herb ,  Sweet basil ,  Favoured by god ,  One who smells good a fradrance
Rayyan Luxuriant ,  The paradises gate for those who fasted often in their lives
Rihanna Unclear ,  A woman who smells good
Riyyan A special gate of heaven for people who fasted a lot in their lives