Old Greek Baby Names

We have 41 Old Greek Baby Names in our list.

Aftonio The literal meaning of aftonio means one who does have any jealousy
Aneka For the one with gods grace and majestic personality and friendly nature
Annella God is gracious one and he has answered the prayers
Annelle God has answered the prayers
Anneth Variation of hannah ,  A beautiful prayer
Arlet Eagle ,  Name of an east indian spice
Arsenie Arsenie is a variation of arsenia and means virile
Artjoms Followergift of artemis a variant of artemus
Arye Lion ,  Beautiful individual
Astara Old greek star
Aster Equivalent ,  Scales ,  An old greek name derived from asteri meaning star
Astraea A derivative from the greek language for the star
Atalo Traits which resemble that the person is youthful
Athena Unclear ,  Greek goddess of wisdom
Athene Greek goddess of war and wisdom
Athos Other name for zeus who is the ruler of heaven
Atlas He who carries ,  Heavens ,  Name of a greek god
Atom The smallest part of something
Cleofas One who sees fame glory and worthy of praise
Corra An unmarried virgin woman ,  A maiden
Elenuta Elenuta is a variant of helen meaning shining or bright one
Filemon A friendly and loving person
Filis Green verdure lush greenery
Fillys Green verdure leafy branch
Hebe Young
Hermie Abrupt or the peak of a mountain
Irini A variant of irene meaning peaceful
Irka A peaceful woman
Irusya Peaceful
Lenci The one whose light shines bright
Liene Maiden or virgin
Lipa A lover of horses or friend of horses
Nastka Resurrection
Petrov A form of peter it means rock
Priam Extremely brave ,  A very brave individual the name of the king of the troy
Priamus A very courageous person latinized version of the name priam the king of troy
Prokhor Old greek chorus leader ,  One who leads the singers
Taras Poseidons son ,  Name of poseidons son
Zinaida Daughter of zeus