Latin Baby Names

We have 2433 Latin Baby Names in our list.

Salvete! The language of Ancient Rome, Cicero and Julius Caesar, considered the ‘mother of Romance languages’ and sometimes called the dead language. Latin gave rise to naming traditions of tens of different languages all over the world!

Aace The word aace in america means unity it also implies to luck and excellence
Abbatissa Its female form of abbs that is feminine head of an abbey
Abelia Meaning herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her
Abelone One who destroys hisher enemy
Abott The father or the priest
Abril Open
Acantha A thorn or a sharppointed object
Accola Neighbor or to live near
Ace The best one ,  One one unit
Acelina A noble person from heaven
Acer Means unity in latin ,  A variant of name ace
Achille Old greek pain ,  Lipless ,  Variant of achilles
Ackerlea One who belongs from the enclosed forest of wood
Ackerly Who belongs from or dwells from acre meadow
Ackersley A dweller from the meadow of acres
Acklea One who dwells near the oak trees
Ackleigh A dweller near the oak tree meadows
Acklie One who works near the oak meadows