Italian Baby Names

We have 1174 Italian Baby Names in our list.

Italian Baby Names have unique importance. The best food, wine, fashion, soccer and architecture – Italy has it all. From the birthplace of Renaissance, Michelangelo, pizza and opera comes the naming tradition as old and classical as Ancient Rome itself!

Aberesh Derived from medieval form of albanian in southern italy communities
Abramo High father ,  Father of a multitude
Abriana Female variant of abraham that means father of multitude
Acciai The occupational name for one who hold axe or who work with axe
Achille Old greek pain ,  Lipless ,  Variant of achilles
Adalberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  The bright noble or the shining noble
Adalgisa Noble hostage
Adele Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Adelina Graceful ,  Noble ,  A form of adeline
Adriana From hadria
Adriano From hadria ,  Latin man from hadria ,  Dark one ,  A variant form of adrian
Adrina A short form of adriana
Aelda A warrior one who fights war
Agata Goodhearted ,  One who is good at heart and mind pure kind gentle and a nature lover
Agnella Chaste
Agnello Lamb
Agnesina A pure and virginal woman
Agostino Venerated