Irish Baby Names

We have 1189 Irish Baby Names in our list.

From the country of shamrocks and leprechauns, green beer and whiskey comes an old Gaelic naming tradition of merriment, represented by Celtic folklore, Irish fiddling and Saint Patrick’s Day!

Aaden Aaden means fire and flame ,  Warmth of the home
Achill An uncertain person
Adam Man ,  A prophets name ,  Man earth
Adeen Little fire shining brightly
Aed A fire flame burning fire
Aedbald A bold or brave fire a friendly fire
Aeddi One who is made of fire fire powers
Aedh From scottish word aodh that means fire
Aeker Meadow of oak trees ,  Means division of land in english ,  A variant of ackerley
Aengus Celtic one choice ,  A variant of name angus
Aerinn An exalted or strong woman
Affleck A field of stone a habitational name to someone who belongs to the field of stone
Agwisance A name of irish origins that lost its meaning over the time
Ahearn Master of horses ,  Lord of the horses
Aibhne Interchanged or transmitted imparted
Aidan Like a fire ,  Little and fiery
Aideen Little fire
Aiden Born of fire ,  Little fire