Indonesian Baby Names

We have 121 Indonesian Baby Names in our list.

Abyasa Clever
Adhiarja Safety
Adika The first child of the second husband
Adiratna A beautiful jewel
Agung Grand or great
Ahmad Praiseworthy ,  Much praised ,  One of many names of prophet muhammad
Ahmadzulkifli An indonesian voice actor who was used to be worked at pt
Ajij Fire ,  Flame ,  Variant of aziz powerful respected beloved
Amisha Beautiful ,  They are pure truthful and beautiful beings whith a heart of gold
Angkasa The sky
Annisa Friendly ,  A satisfied human being who is friendly
Arief Wise ,  One who is clever and intelligent
Arif Knowledgeable ,  Learned ,  Expert ,  Authority ,  Knowing ,  Wise ,  Intelligent ,  Sage
Aulia Good friend and companion
Bagaskoro Sun rays
Bagus Handsome or excellent
Bakti An obedient boy
Banyu Water
Basuki To flourish
Batara God
Berkah Gods gift
Buana A whole world
Budi To have reason mind or a character
Budiwati The wise one
Bulan A moon and the month in indonesian
Cahya One who is the light in darkness
Cahyono Light
Chahaya Light
Cindy Born on cynthus ,  Abbreviation for cinderella cynthia and lucinda
Cipta To create
Citra Picture image a form of art an artists impression
Darma Good deed or duty
David Adored ,  A beloved friend
Dewi The goddess
Diah A young and powerful girl
Diann A burning candle ,  Lord of wine
Dumadi Becoming
Eka Lord vishnu ,  Matchless ,  Alone ,  Unique ,  The first born child
Elang Falcon
Elok A beautiful woman or jewel
Endah Beautiful one who is excessively beautiful
Fadhlan A gift from god
Farah Joy ,  Lovely ,  Pleasant or beauty good looking ,  Beautiful ,  Arabic name for happiness
Farrell Son of the man of valor ,  One who wins
Galang To assemble
Gemi Refers to uncertain or unsure life time
Gesang Life or alive
Gunadi Something thats meaningful meaningful
Guritno Poetess or poetic
Gus Various ,  The most coolest kid ur ever met
Guss The most coolest kid ur ever met
Harum A woman who smells good
Henry Ruler of the house ,  Estate ruler
Indah Beautiful a beautiful woman a variation of endah
Intan Diamond