Igbo Baby Names

We have 190 Igbo Baby Names in our list.

Ihuomachukwu Gods favor
Ijeawele A smooth journey
Ijemma A good journey
Ikechukwu The power of god
Ikemba Strength of the nation
Ilozumba Nigerian term meaning our distant home is forgotten
Isinachi One who is sent from god
Isioma One who is fortunate and blessed
Jachike Give praise to god or hail god
Jayamma Praise to the lord
Jideofor Nigerian term meaning you are justified
Kachisicho Gods desire
Kachiside As god has written it or the will of god
Kaetochukwu May god be praised
Kainyechukwuekene Lets praise the lord
Kairaluchukwu Lets leave it to god
Kaisoluchukwu Lets follow god
Kalu Kalu means god of thunder
Kambili Let me live or i shall live
Kamfeechi Let me worship god
Kamfeechukwu Lets worship god or let me praise god
Kamharida I shall not fall
Kamsiyochukwu God gave me exactly as i asked
Kamsiyonna God has granted my request
Kamtochukwu Let me praise god
Kanayochukwu Lets keep begging from the lord
Kanyinulia Lets rejoice and have fun
Kaodinakachi Leave your destiny to god
Karaluchukwu Lets leave it for god
Kasarachukwu Tell it to god one who always confides in god
Kasiemobi Comfort me or console me
Kelechi Glorify god
Kesandu One who spreads life to all
Kosarachi Tell it to god
Kristibueze Christ is the king
Kufreabasi Do not forget god one who always remembers god
Kwento One who protects the family name from destruction
Lebechi Look unto god
Lotanna Remember the father or the god
Machie Replacement of a lost gem
Maduka People are worth more than riches
Makuachukwu Embrace god
Mkpulunma A thing of beauty
Mmasichukwu The will of god
Munachimso One who always agrees with god
Nchedochukwu Gods protection
Nchekwube Trust in god
Ndidi One who is patient
Nwabueze Child is the king
Obiageli One who is born into wealth
Obiajulu My heart is at peace
Obiefune Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope
Obimnaetochukwu My heart praises god
Ogechi The greatest of gods times ,  A fresh and successful ending of a struggle or contest
Ogechukwu The very new mode of living or a characteristic state new earthly life
Ogechukwukama The greatest of gods times ,  This means beginning of a new style of living start of a fresh human events and activities
Ogechukwukana The time spent worshiping god is the best