Hindi Baby Names

We have 7933 Hindi Baby Names in our list.

Namaste! Hindi is the official language of India – the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as yoga and Gandhi. Hindi naming tradition fuses commercial and cultural wealth of India with classical linguistic ancestry.

Abhaijeet Victory over fear ,  Brave ,  Fearless
Abhanja One who is an excellent speaker
Abharan Jewel ,  Ornament ,  A jewel ,  Precious
Abhas Feeling ,  Empathise with ,  Compassionate
Abhasa Splendour ,  Grandeur ,  Great brightness
Abhasvara Shining one ,  Bright and glossy
Abhat Shining ,  Visible ,  Splendid ,  Glorious
Abhata Shining ,  Blazing ,  Splendid ,  Glorious
Abhatha A cultural and enthusiastic person
Abhati Splendour ,  Light ,  Splendid or superlative
Abhav Lord shiva ,  Having the ability to be different
Abhay Fearless ,  Fearless in sanskrit ,  Born son of dharma or who is not afraid to anyone or anything
Abhaya Fearless ,  The one without scare
Abhayad Safety ,  Keeping safe
Abhayananda Delighting in fearlessness ,  Brave ,  Courage
Abhayankar He who gives courage ,  Strength
Abhayaprada Bestower of safety ,  Instiller of courage
Abhayda Fearless and brave ,  Courageous
Abhaysimha As fearless as a lion ,  Symbol of courage and brave
Abheenav New ,  Fresh ,  Strange or unaccustomed
Abheenu An individual who is famous and reliant
Abheer A cowherd
Abheeran A cow herd ,  A variant name of abheer
Abheerup The most handsome and wisest ,  Utmost attractive looking
Abheeshek Consecrating or to crown
Abheesht Desired ,  Wished ,  Wanted ,  Craved
Abheeshtha Ones desire ,  Wishes ,  Wants ,  Cravings
Abheest Wanted ,  Desired ,  Wished ,  Craved
Abhey Fearless ,  Brave ,  Courageous
Abhi Fearless ,  Better than best ,  Brave ,  Courageous
Abhibhava Overpowering ,  Powerful ,  Victorious ,  Influential ,  Mighty ,  Potent
Abhibhu To overcome ,  Conquer ,  To gain a victory ,  Master
Abhicandra Having a moon like face ,  Beautiful like a moon
Abhichandra Having a moon like face ,  Beautiful like a moon
Abhideep Illuminated ,  Radiant ,  Glorious
Abhidha Name ,  Word ,  Sound ,  Literal meaning
Abhidhar Who wears serpents
Abhidharm Highest dharma
Abhidyu Heavenly ,  Bright ,  Radiant ,  Illuminous
Abhigam Perception ,  Considerable
Abhigeet Praised in song
Abhigjna Wisdom ,  One who is possessing great knowledge
Abhigyaan Source of knowledge ,  Wisdom
Abhigyan Most intelligent ,  Recollection ,  Wisdom ,  Knowledgeable
Abhihava Most intelligent ,  Recollection ,  Wisdom ,  Knowledgeable
Abhihita Expression ,  Word ,  Name ,  Meaning
Abhijaat Well born ,  Wise and knowledgeable
Abhijat Noble ,  Wise ,  Knowledgeable ,  Intelligent ,  Bright
Abhijata Well born (woman) ,  The one who was born in a very decent family
Abhijay Victor ,  Triumph ,  Successful ,  Winner
Abhijaya Conquest ,  Complete victory ,  Victorious ,  Triumph ,  Successful
Abhijeet Victorious ,  Lord krishna ,  Variation
Abhijiat Noble and wise ,  Knowledgeable
Abhijin The most auspicious moment
Abhijishya Independent girl ,  One who is a liberated girl
Abhijit One who is victorious ,  Victory ,  Triumph ,  Successful
Abhijita Victorious woman ,  The one who is liberated