Hindi Baby Names Starting with V

We have 161 Hindi Baby Names Starting with V in our list.

Namaste! Hindi is the official language of India – the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as yoga and Gandhi. Hindi naming tradition fuses commercial and cultural wealth of India with classical linguistic ancestry.

Vaachaspati Lord of speech
Vaachasya Well spoken of ,  Praiseworthy
Vaagai Name of a beautiful flower
Vaagdevi Goddess of learning ,  Saraswath ,  The goddess of learning
Vaageesh Lord of speech
Vaahila Name of air
Vaak Speech ,  The spoken word
Vaakpati Great orator
Vaalmeeki An ancient saint
Vaamaa Come
Vaamaakshee Goddess of learning ,  Saraswath
Vaamadeva Water
Vaaman Lord vishnu
Vaamana Vishnus fifth incarnation ,  Trivikrama
Vaamdev Name of a shiva
Vaanadhi Milky way
Vaanika Sita
Vaayu The vital air ,  Wind ,  Breeze
Vachan Speech ,  Speech or promise
Vachaspati Lord of speech
Vachel Little cow ,  From french ,  French calf ,  Small cow ,  A variant transcription is vache
Vadhana Face ,  Bright star
Vadin Speaker ,  Known lecturer ,  A variant of vachan
Vadish Lord of the body
Vadivel Another name for god murugan ,  One of the names of lord murugan
Vagadheeksha Lord of spokesmen ,  The lord of spokesmen
Vagindra Lord of speech
Vagish Lord brahma ,  Vagish is a name of lord brahma it means god of speech
Vaibhav Richness ,  Intelligence ,  Desire ,  Prosperity ,  Fortunate ,  Happy ,  One who is fortunate prosperous and intelligent
Vaibudh Belonging to the gods ,  Divine ,  Belonging to the gods divine
Vaidya Doctor
Vaidyanaath Master of medicines
Vaijayantimala Garland of victory ,  Lord vishnus garland
Vaishnavi Goddess parvati ,  Worshipper of lord vishnu ,  Goddess parvati worshipper of lord vishnu
Vaishvi Goddess parvati ,  Worshipper of lord vishnu ,  A form of vaishnavi meaning worshipper of lord vishnu
Vaj Strength ,  Vigour ,  Energy ,  Speed ,  Power
Valda Powerful ruler ,  Lord ganesh
Vali Powerful ,  Strong ,  Son of odin ,  Handsome ,  Pet form of valeriu meaning to be healthy and strong
Valin Tailed ,  Monkey king ,  Mighty soldier ,  A variant of name balin
Valini Stars
Vallabha Beloved ,  Lover
Vallari Creeper ,  Goddess parvati ,  Name of goddess sita
Valli Creeper ,  Vine
Vallika Creeper ,  Malayali for creeper
Vama Lord shiva ,  Woman ,  A lovely woman
Vamil Beautiful ,  Beautiful a beautiful woman
Vamshi Flute ,  Sri krishnas flute
Van From the moors ,  From the family of ,  Traditional middle name to indicate a boy ,  Forest ,  Variation of vance which means marsh
Vana God is merciful ,  Intelligence
Vandi Vehicle
Vani Muse ,  Goddess saraswati ,  A name of goddess saraswati it means eloquent in words
Vanishree One of many names of goddess saraswathi signifying her form holding veena
Vanita Woman ,  Graceful lady ,  A lady or woman
Vanmala Wildflower garland ,  A garland of wildflower
Vanshi Flute ,  Carries forward the generation ,  A variant of vamshi meaning flute