Hindi Baby Names Starting with T

We have 173 Hindi Baby Names Starting with T in our list.

Namaste! Hindi is the official language of India – the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as yoga and Gandhi. Hindi naming tradition fuses commercial and cultural wealth of India with classical linguistic ancestry.

Taamraparnee Copper leaves
Taaraka Star ,  Eye ,  Star or meteor
Tab Drummer ,  Brilliant ,  Shining ,  From tabor in biblical mt tabor is a landmark mountain near nazareth
Tabassum Smile happiness ,  A flower
Tabasumm Sweet smile
Taber Drummer ,  Brilliant ,  Shining ,  A ray ,  Encampment ,  Well ,  Known as taborer the player on the small drum
Tabitha Like a gazelle ,  A gazelle ,  Gazelle ,  Roe ,  Beauty ,  Grace ,  Roebuck ,  Small deer
Tabresh Love
Tadelesh Auspicious ,  Lucky ,  A lucky man
Tahj Crown ,  One who is crowned
Taib Very good person ,  Virtuous ,  Pious ,  God fearing and devoted to god ,  Repentant ,  Penitent
Taj Crown ,  Jewel
Tajana Sorry ,  Princess ,  To keep secret
Tajdar King ,  The crown ,  Crowned
Tajender God of grandeur ,  Gradeur of god in heaven
Tajim Respect ,  Having respect on someone
Takdeer Of great fortune ,  Destiny ,  Fortune ,  Luck ,  The destiny destined to happen
Takhat Royal thorn ,  Master of empire ,  Throne of the ruler of the kingdom
Taksha King bharats son ,  King bharatas son
Talika A bird ,  A person of a specified kind or character
Talin Unclear ,  Lord shiva
Talish Rising ,  Light ,  Lord of earth
Talleen Absorbed ,  Absorbed making it a part of oneself
Talli Young ,  Choctaw name meaning jumping water
Talvir A beautiful gift ,  One who is beutiful gift to the world
Taman One who is like a garden
Tamanna Desire ,  Wish ,  A bird ,  One who is desired
Tamar Date palm ,  From tamar ,  A name that means date palm tree
Tamara Palm tree ,  Flower ,  Spice ,  Date tree ,  A name that means date palm tree
Tamarai Lotus flower ,  Beautiful ,  Lotus flower beautiful or great
Tamas Twin ,  Darkness ,  Young
Tamasi Night
Tambura A musical instrument ,  A musical instrument like a guitar
Tamera The beloved land ,  Palm tree
Tamila Sun ,  Dearest to the heart
Tamir Rich man ,  Owns palm trees ,  Tall and slender ,  Tall ,  One who owns date palm trees
Tamira A spice or palm tree ,  Date palm ,  Magic ,  A palm trees splice
Tammam Generous ,  Kind ,  Compassionate ,  Benevolent ,  A variant spelling is tamam
Tamra Date palm ,  Palm tree ,  Copper red ,  Copper ,  Like a palm tree
Tanay Son
Tanaya My daughter ,  Daughter
Tanda Peace ,  Sign ,  The seer of life and death
Tandi Beloved ,  A fair princess
Tandra A daughter ,  A form of tandy
Tangi Shortage ,  To cry with great sadness
Tania Fairy princess ,  Abbreviation of tatiana which is feminine of the roman family clan name tatius ,  Giant ,  Fairy queen ,  A fairy queenof tatiana ,  Name of a princess ,  Daughter ,  Name in honour of an early christianity martyr
Tanika Unclear ,  Rope
Tanip Sun ,  The sun
Tanisha Unclear ,  Born on monday (hausa of nigeria) ,  Night ,  Ambition ,  Born on monday
Taniska Goddess of gold or angel ,  Name of the goddess of gold the name means daughter
Tanith Derived from the name of the main goddess of carthage
Tanju He who is blessed by allah ,  Younger
Tanmaya Engrossed ,  Absorbed ,  Peace of heart ,  Consisting of that ,  Person who is absorbed and consumed
Tansu Water of the dawn ,  Long life
Tantra Treatises on ritual ,  Meditation ,  Discipline ,  Reincarnated
Tanya Unclear ,  Worthy of praise ,  Of the family ,  Russian diminutive of tatiana
Tapan Sun ,  Summer ,  Tapasvi ,  Lord surya (sun) ,  Hot season