Germanic Baby Names

We have 1229 Germanic Baby Names in our list.

From the cultural heritage of old Germania, Germanic peoples and mythology, and tribal groups of fierce combatants, comes the naming tradition that gave rise to the most widely used language in the world – English.

Aadolf Distinguished ,  Strong wolf
Aart As powerful as an eagle ,  Celtic stone ,  Bear ,  German thor ,  The eagle ,  A variant form of arthur
Abbe Nobleman ,  My father is joyful ,  A variant of abby
Abelino Bird ,  Means unsure pet form of avila
Achard Medieval norman form of ekkehard it means brave and hardy
Ada Graceful ,  Noble ,  Fulfilling a duty ,  Paying ,  Kind ,  Nobility ,  The oldest daughter ,  Happy ,  Ornament ,  Child of the red earth ,  Brightness ,  Prosperous ,  Style ,  Prosperous happy
Adalberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  The bright noble or the shining noble
Adda Graceful ,  Noble ,  Ornament beautiful addition to the family
Addy Graceful ,  Noble ,  Pet form of adam of the red earth
Ade Man of nobility ,  African crown royal peak ,  Hebrew man
Adel Graceful ,  Noble ,  Just ,  Upright ,  Sincere ,  Righteous ,  Justice ,  Equal ,  Alike
Adela Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Adelaide Graceful ,  Noble ,  A noble hood or a noble person
Adelajda Graceful ,  Noble ,  An honourable and noble person
Adele Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Adelhard Noble strength ,  A firm and determined person
Adelheid Graceful ,  Noble ,  Germanic noble ,  Honorable ,  Of a noble kind ,  Hebrew ornament ,  Its form of name adela ,  A variant spelling is adelaide
Adelina Graceful ,  Noble ,  A form of adeline
Adelita Graceful ,  Noble ,  A winged or kind person
Adelmo Strong ,  Persistent ,  A hard and preserving noble
Adelmund Of noble birth ,  One who is of noble birth born noble
Adelram Dark ,  Noble ,  A dark noble or a noble raven
Adelrik Powerful ,  Strong ruler ,  An aristocrat commander
Ademar Strong ,  Famous ,  One who is popular for his kindness
Adler Eagle ,  One who is like an eagle
Adolf Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  A noble wolf title of hitler
Adolfo Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  Noble wolf
Adolphus Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  Noble wolf ,  A derivative of name ado
Afonso Noble ,  Prepared ,  The ready and noble person
Aide Honourable nobel helpful
Ailish Variant of alice
Aimeric Hard working
Aimory Brilliant
Aindhadi Famous star
Ainhoa Refers to the virgin mary
Ainslee Variant of ainsley
Akela Graceful ,  Noble ,  Happy joy feeling pleasure contented pleased
Alaina Valuable ,  Precious ,  Dear child ,  Fair one rock
Alana Valuable ,  Precious ,  Little rock or harmony concord
Alanis Valuable ,  Precious ,  Celtic fair ,  Little rock ,  Harmony ,  Peace ,  A form of english name alana
Alannah Valuable ,  Precious ,  Rock awakening
Alaric Emperor of all ,  Ruler of all ,  Born to rule everyone
Albert Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  Noble bright
Alberta Wise ,  Graceful ,  Noble and famous
Alberte Wise ,  Graceful ,  A form of albert ,  A noble and intelligent being
Albertina Wise ,  Graceful ,  Germanic nobly famous ,  Noble ,  Kind ,  A variant transcription of alberta ,  Feminine form of albert
Alberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  Noble bright and famous individual
Albrecht Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  German nobly famous ,  A derivative of name adalbert
Alda Old but graceful ,  Rich ,  Wiser elder ,  Name of a saint
Aldabella Old but graceful ,  Beautiful individual who is old and prosperous
Aldemar Well known for his experience ,  Famous for nobility or famous for his experience
Alder Alder tree ,  Someone who lives by the alder tree
Aldert Noble strength
Aldo Very old ,  Something old archaic
Aldous Very old ,  German noble old honorable ,  English old friend ,  Derived from the name aldo ,  A variant of name alden
Aldrich Wise sage
Aleid Graceful ,  Noble ,  Of a noble family