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Aaget Diamond
Aamber A precious jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color
Aaralyn An american name meaning with song ,  A woman with song
Aaren The name has several meanings in scandinavian the meaning of the name aaren is lofty or inspired it also means high mountain
Aaric Rule with mercy ,  Graceful ruler
Aaron Mountain of strength ,  Exalted one ,  High mountain ,  Enlightened ,  Messenger (hebrew) ,  Enlighted ,  From the old testament aaron
Aart As powerful as an eagle ,  Celtic stone ,  Bear ,  German thor ,  The eagle ,  A variant form of arthur
Abbatissa Its female form of abbs that is feminine head of an abbey
Abbe Nobleman ,  My father is joyful ,  A variant of abby
Abbigale Its root is hebrew origins which means joy of my father also its version of abbigail with suffix e
Abbo A condiment (mudama origin)
Abelia Meaning herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her
Abell Exhalation of breath ,  A variant of abel
Abhatha A cultural and enthusiastic person
Abigaill The joy of my father
Abigaille The rejoice of my father
Abigale The yahwehs rejoice
Abigayle The joy or happiness of yahweh
Abo Father ,  Short form of name abott
Achaz Hebrew god is holding ,  One that takes or possesses
Achim Constructed by god ,  Hebrew yahewh will establish ,  A name variant of joachim
Achraf Most honorable one ,  A variant of ashraf
Ackerleigh Meadow of oak trees ,  Means division of land in english ,  A variant of ackerley
Ackerley Garden of oak trees ,  Old english surname meaning oak meadow ,  A variant of ackley
Ackley (english) meadow of oak trees
Acton From an oak tree town ,  One who is placed or settled near the oak tree
Acwulf A wolf from the oak meadows
Adair Oak tree crossing ,  Form of edgar ,  One who is fortunate and powerful
Adalee A noble wood or the nobility of wood
Adalson Son of all
Adamaris Graceful ,  Noble ,  An invented enlishamerican name which is a possible combination of ada and maris
Adamsson The son of adam from earth
Adda Graceful ,  Noble ,  Ornament beautiful addition to the family
Addam Son of the red earth ,  A variant of name adam
Adde Noble ,  Kind ,  Wise ,  Polite
Addi A variant of adde ,  Noble ,  Nobility
Addis Son of adam ,  Son of the red earth ,  A derivative of name adam
Addison Adams child ,  The son of adam from the red earth
Adelard Noble strength in german ,  A variant of abelard
Adem Earth ,  Man ,  Warrior ,  Of the earth ,  Hebrew man ,  Old greek manly ,  Brave
Adim Entire universe ,  Earth ,  In hebrew man ,  A variant of name adam
Adiran Latin man from hadria ,  Dark one ,  A variant form of adrian
Adison A variant of name addison son of adam
Adisson Son of adam
Adken Oaken ,  A variant of adkin which means man in hebrew
Adkins Son of aiken ,  A variant of adam
Adkyn Oaken ,  A variant of adkin which means man in hebrew
Adney Living on a nobles island ,  Nobles island
Adny Lives on the nobles island ,  A variant of adney
Ado Aweinspiring ,  Highborn ,  Without further ceremony ,  Noble ,  Nobility
Adolf Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  A noble wolf title of hitler
Adolfo Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  Noble wolf
Adolphus Distinguished ,  Strong wolf ,  Noble wolf ,  A derivative of name ado
Adras Means manly in greek
Aedan An irish name which is diminutive form of name aed implying fire and means born of fire
Aeker Meadow of oak trees ,  Means division of land in english ,  A variant of ackerley
Aekerley Meadow of oak trees ,  Means division of land in english ,  A variant of ackerley