British Baby Names

We have 234 British Baby Names in our list.

Aariyeh A rare name desiring spiritual and enjoy of isolation and meditation
Abcde Means first five amazing letters of alphabet
Abeque A person who loves to stay at home
Aberdeen A woman who is from city in northeast scottish
Aberesh Derived from medieval form of albanian in southern italy communities
Aberforth In gaelic this name means from the river
Aiden Born of fire ,  Little fire
Ailleda Warrior
Ainsley From the field of hermits ,  From anns meadow
Aria Air ,  Aryan ,  Gentle music ,  Brings rain ,  Man ,  Pledge ,  Feminine of arien ,  Melody ,  The one who is lion of the lords ,  Air song or melody
Atkin Man ,  A british surname
Atkins Son of atkin
Benjamin Right hands son ,  Son of the right hand
Bleiz Old breton word meaning wolf
Braddlee Broad clearing in the woods ,  Can also be spelled as bradley
Bretta One who is from britain
Brettany A british woman
Brette A woman who is native of britain