Armenian Baby Names

We have 94 Armenian Baby Names in our list.

Armenian diaspora comprises 8 million people around the world, including 1 million in the US. Armenia brings in the naming tradition of an ancient nation whose strength and vigor overcame the terrors of genocide and Stalin’s Great Purge.

Abaven Someone who is a protector
Ahanit Derived from the kiswahili word asante, which means thank you
Aik Woman who looks like a dawn
Alex Protector of humanity ,  Protector of mankind
Angelina Gods messenger ,  The holy angels of god sent from heaven
Ani The beautiful angelic girl
Anousha Beautiful morning ,  Sweet joy fortunate ,  It is a variant of name anoush
Ara Ornament ,  Decoration ,  Brings rain ,  Embellishing ,  Adorning ,  Decorative ,  Answered prayer ,  To pray for ,  To see ,  Idealistic and cursing ,  King
Aren A mighty and majestic eagle
Atam Knowledgeable ,  Hebrew man ,  A variant of name adam
Avak The first one who has a great personality
Avedis Armenian brings good news
Boghos A small and humble person
Brosh One with pretty lips
Carnig He is like a small lamb
Cholakin An armenian surname and its meaning is unknown
Darlita Young girl
Davit An eager and dynamic individual