American Baby Names

We have 1314 American Baby Names in our list.

We have a large list of United States of America's most common & unique names. American baby names are Christian mostly. We have collected American Christian baby names for you.

Aace The word aace in america means unity it also implies to luck and excellence
Abcde Means first five amazing letters of alphabet
Abeque A person who loves to stay at home
Abriella One who is derived from god or the pillar of strength
Aby Father of multitude or masses
Acalan A small narrow and long rowing boat
Acamapichtli Handful of reeds ,  A handful of reeds or long grass
Adaline A noble or kindhearted person
Addisyn The son of addie or adam
Aerilyn The beautiful or pleasant air
Aiden Born of fire ,  Little fire
Aiyanna Eternal blossom everlasting bloom
Aj Combination of letters a and j ,  Powerful and complete
Ajarae A made up name name of an actor
Alivia Olive ,  Alivia is olive tree
Allston Noble ones settlement
Almanzo The explanation given by laura ingalls wilder for her husband almanzos name is that it was derived from an arabian benefactor to his ancestors by the name of almansour meaning the victorious an alternative derivation is of old german origin meani
Alpha An excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualities