African Baby Names

We have 1022 African Baby Names in our list.

Diverse tribes across the continent from places like the Sahara Desert, Serengeti, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, provide a wealth of naming heritage representing great warriors, beauty, and traditions passed down through generations.

Aasir One with a captivating and fascinating personality
Aba African akan girl born on thursday ,  Abah abba and abbah are variant spellings of the name aba
Abana This biblical name means strong personality made with a stone
Abbo A condiment (mudama origin)
Abdalah The servant of god
Abdalala The slave of the high
Abdalalim The servant of the allknowing
Abdalla Servant of god ( swahili origin ) ,  Servant of god ,  Servant of allah
Abdi Abbreviated form of abdul ,  Originated from hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slave
Abdu Worshiper of god (swahili origin ) ,  Worshipper of god
Abdulkareem Generous ,  One who serves a generous man ,  Servant of allah ,  A follower who serves gracious noble and generous
Abdulkhaaliq Servant of the creator ,  Built from arabic words abd al and khaliq that means servant of creator
Abdullateef One who serves a kind man ,  Servant of the subtle ,  A devoted follower who helps kind man
Abdulmateen Servant of the firm ,  Strong ,  A person who serves all strong and powerful personalities
Abdulmuiz The name is originated as african name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty ,  Unique personality who serves those individuals that gives up life for the almighty
Abdulraheem Servant of the most compassionate ,  A servant of the most concerned and kind one
Abdulrahmaan Servant of the mercifully gracious ,  In islam it means servant of the most gracious
Abdulraouf Servant of the most merciful ,  A devoted supporter who supports or serves the most merciful kindhearted